By Dov Arlauskas
A man in an isolated village in mountains depends his livelihood on mining precious gems.
Student Startup / Community
  • WE RAISED £1,080
By Emily Murphy
An exploration into female desire, isolation and the relationship between our own bodies and nature.
Environment / Art & Design
  • WE RAISED £2,000
By Studio 2.2 Architecture
Learn and grow to change western perception
Community / Art & Design
  • WE RAISED £10,071
By Chiemi Shimada
A filmmaker reflects on family, intimacy and aging through her grandmother in the Japanese suburbs.
Art & Design / Media
  • WE RAISED £1,768
By Cecilia Cappel
Cultural Exchange Opportunity for KU Students to apply academic learning to real life settings
Scholarships / Travel
  • WE RAISED £10,082