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Architecture study trip to Ghana

A project by: Studio 2.2 Architecture


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This project received pledges on Tue 03 Dec 2019
Learn and grow to change western perception

We are a group of architecture students studying at Kingston University, London. We are fundraising for a study trip to Ghana, a former colony of the UK, who like many nations has heavily suffered from imposed and imported western design.

We need your help to change western perception on Africa, and to create a more balanced dialogue between the cultures of the world. 

Why is it important?

There should be no singular and universal architectural language, just like there is no singular universal culture. Everywhere we go, people's ideals, norms, religions and values change. We believe that our architecture should respond to this, rather than importing one culture's architecture on another as if deemed universal.

Our students come from a very diverse range of socio, economic and ethnic backgrounds, and we value this diversity and multiculturalism. Studio 2.2 will focus its work this year on the African compound house, studying how this historic housing typology could be used to generate more thoughtful responses to urban growth and continuity in African and Western cities. 

More specifically, the studio will be working in Ghana, travelling to Accra and Kumasi on a study trip. We hope that this visit will inform design projects focused on the provision of housing in Accra and London simultaneously.

Why are architecture trips important?

Architecture Trips are a fundamental part of architecture education. It is only through experiencing architecture that we can begin to design by deconstructing our surroundings. This is why it is important to submerge ourselves in many forms of architecture especially during our early years of education to better our development. But the reality of being able to experience different architectures is that it is considerably costly and this prohibits students from these experiences. Our goal through this fundraiser is to provide equality of access to learning opportunities to all students.

Why Ghana?

We aim to critique this idea of the singular and universal architectural language, therefore engage with local knowledge, skills and expertise. Our cities continue to grow, responding to global trends and economic, social, cultural and climate pressures. It is important that this growth is understood spatially and architecturally, in response to people’s history and culture.

What will the money go to?

Per person costs = £1,300

  • Return flights to Ghana: £650 pp
  • Activities while in Ghana. Hosted by Jamestown Café, Joe Osae-Addo – includes all meals, transportation and accommodation: £650 pp

We are raising funds for the whole group to go. If our mimimum is reached, we will reduce the cost of the Ghana trip for all students.

Help us succeed!

For every pound you donate, the university will double it until we reach 5000 pounds! There will be rewards for everyone who donates - a thank you video with footage from Ghana with your name mentioned in the credits, all the way up to a personalized book with research, sketches and images of the study trip, made by the students you supported.

After our trip we will conclude our findings and create an event where we will present the compound house and how we can bring elements back to better our own architecture. With this we will reach even more students and architects in practice.

If you are a UK tax payer, donating through Gift Aid means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you donate.

Even if you are not in the position to donate money, you can help us reach out by re-posting this page and by communicating it to people that might be interested in our cause! You can help us create a more balanced dialogue between the cultures of the world.