Got an idea?

KUBacker is Kingston University’s very own crowdfunding platform. It allows students and members of the University to develop their interests and to pursue creative and entrepreneurial projects. These great projects make a difference to the lives of their fellow students, the University and the wider community.

Through KUBacker we’ve shifted the power into your hands. Whether you’re a student, a team or a member of staff, KUBacker can help you change the world one donation at a time.

What kinds of projects are suitable for KUBacker?

Projects can be about almost anything, but must be initiated by a member of the Kingston University community – that is, a current student or member of staff.

Projects must have a demonstrable impact on the University (students or staff) or local (Kingston town or borough) community. This might be evaluated through the number of individuals benefiting from the project, their relationship to the University, and the depth of impact.

Projects will be also be judged on their goals, their creative or innovative merits, and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by you or your team.

Crowdfunding can be fast, efficient and effective when done right but project success depends on you. The more dedicated, creative and organised you and your team are, the more successful your project is likely to be, and the more fun you will have!

Got any questions?

Get in touch with us at and we'd love to have a chat with you about how we can help make your idea come to life! If you're confused about matched funding, or not sure if your idea would be suitable, just ask!