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CRS - Face ID and Finger Recognition

A project by: Waheeda Anwar

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Completion Date: Mon 17 Jul 2023
Protect your car today with the new CRS security system

A short summary of your project

I'm raising £150 to give people a security system which will keep their car safe from car thefts. People will not be a victim of car theft with this new security system. 

Who are you?

My name is Waheeda Anwar and I study at Kingston University. I am 21 years old and I am doing this project to help the people in London to keep their car safe and protected.

Your story

I am doing this project because I want to help people have the safest security for their car and keep it protected. This security system features a Face ID touch screen placed inside the car and finger recognition system for the car doors which will only recognise the driver only and will not give access or permission to any unauthorised users. This will prevent more car thefts from happening around London and I want people to feel less worried about their car security. 

By giving money, you will be helping us by stopping car thefts from happening. You will be able to protect your friends and family by being donor for this project. 

Where will the money go?

The money will be going towards the car dealerships to help them install better security inside the cars and to help them promote their new car models. 

Once people start using the security system, we will be getting feedback or reviews, and we will develop the security system in new ways once this is successful. 


For anyone that donates, we will be giving out some amazing rewards such as getting a free test on using the new security system in your car. 

Check out the website below. 

Find us here


Help us succeed!

we want you to promote this on social media and ask any of your friends and family to donate as well. it would be very appreciated because we could help so many people by stopping car thefts.