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Support Studio 2.2 share their research on the global stage

Support Studio 2.2 share their research on the global stage!

We need your help to get us to the finish line by raising £10,950 to meet our £30,000 fundraising goal for the construction of the ArchiAfrika/Jamestown Café Pavilion 2021. The pavilion is part of the European Cultural Centre's programme of events in Venice running until November 2021. So far, through your incredible support, we have raised £19,050, which has covered material costs and part of our participation fees. We would like this experience to be as cost neutral for the wonderful students taking part in the construction process and with your help, we can make this possible! 

Every little helps and your contribution will go a long way to making this project a success! Please donate below.

Who we are!

We are a group of students and lecturers from Kingston School of Art. The project is supported by Studio NYALI, a design research partnership co-founded by Nana Biamah-Ofosu and Bushra Mohamed and 121 Collective, a young and innovative Design Build collective founded by Pablo Feito Boirac, Salah Krichen and Madoka Ellis. Both Studio NYALI and 121 Collective are Kingston School of Art graduates who now teach within the Department of Architecture and Landscape.

Our Story

The Department of Landscape and Architecture at Kingston University has claimed a clear territory over the last 10 years within the UK, of being concerned with continuity in architectural culture as it relates to making, a making which responds sensitively and conscientiously to situation and context.

With this in mind, we are building the ArchiAfrika Pavilion at the Marinaressa Gardens in Venice as part of the European Cultural Centre's programme of events in Venice.

The Pavilion is designed as a translation of a community café and venue with the same name in Accra run by ArchiAfrika, which hosts exhibitions, events and lectures. The pavilion with its spectacular position serves as a gathering place, a point of reference for the various exhibitions and contributions.

Studio 2.2 of the Department of Architecture and Landscape of Kingston University, and Studio NYALI will present their ongoing research and design teaching on the African compound house as a typology for living together.

The pavilion will be a space to share ideas for living together. Like in Jamestown, Old Accra, we will build a space to gather, share and imagine an African future. It will be a place to gather, to exchange cultures and from where to go back for that which we have forgotten how to build well and live well together.

Where will your contribution go?

Our goal is to raise £10,950 with your help! This will cover the following and help us realise this project:

European Cultural Centre Fees - £2500

Exhibition and Symposium - £1000

Contribution to flights and accommodation the build team - £7450

Any additional funds raised will go towards further reducing the cost of flights and accommodation for our student volunteers!

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Download our information pack here to find out more about the project!

Our SUPERSUPPORTERS will receive a limited-edition print by Tanaka Mazivanhanga. In addition to this, our CHAMPIONS will be credited as official sponsors of the pavilion and exhibition!