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A Splinter Collective Show

A project by: Splinter Collective


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This project received pledges on Sat 10 Jun 2023
We serve as a catalyst to empower people of colour by creating a support network for p.o.c creatives

Who are we?

Splinter is a p.o.c. design collective based at Kingston University. The project was born out of conversations of lived experiences as p.o.c. in and out of the design industry. We can see that climbing the ladder in higher positions the percentage of p.o.c representation radically drops. Splinter challenges this rhetoric and in the formative stage at university, we want to create a support network where we explore each identity in our practice, and an environment where we uplift and empower each other looking at plural and diverse ways of designing from a de-colonial perspective.

What do we want to do?

We want to stage an exhibition celebrating the work created this year as well as the connections we have made through building this community and family. We are imagining the show as a house to which we are moving into for a few days. The house will reimagine a future and showing work from 15 p.o.c. creatives.

We will be exhibiting at Safehouse in Peckham. We'd love to host an opening, workshops, talks, create a website, and a publication of interviews which covers the project. We want the exhibition to not only be a space for us to share our work, but a space in which we can open up our community and the conversations we have been having. We want to open up our home to anyone who wants to join us.

What do we nEED to do IT?

We've been provided the space by Kingston University, but we're looking to raise funds for material costs, printing costs, and the general running of the show. A rough breakdown of this is:

  • Venue: 4 days at Safehouse 2 (£540)
  • Lights and Materials: (£500)
  • Transport/van Hire: For install and take-down (£600)
  • Opening night event: DJ + Refreshments (£150 + £200)
  • Talks: Two public events (£300) 
  • Workshops: 3 public workshops (£450)
  • Website: Domain/hosting/maintenance (£350)
  • Publication: 50 copies at £12.20 each (£611)
  • Contingency (£100)

Total: £3801

How can you help?

We'd appreciate any donations, advice, or shares of our fundraiser! We hope to keep you updated on our progress as the project comes to life.

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