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Completion Date: Sat 22 Jul 2023
Fashion fits all

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I'm raising £200 to start the process of my new bra business which will be fashionable, size inclusive, from petite to plus size women with big busts. I would love to solve the problem of the lack of incorrect sizing and a lack of knowledge with an "at home guide" and measuring tape FREE of charge! This will ensure correct sizing when making a purchase.

Who are you?

My name is Shayna, I am 20 years old studying marketing and advertising going into my third year. Things I love God, my family, shopping (any excuse to spend money), celebrity culture, football, tv shows & movies. I have always been creative and have wild dreams and aspirations that I strive for and will make come true. Running a business has always been an interest of mine especially when I see people I look up to achieving great things and are passionate about what they do it is a big motivation of mine.

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  • What are you doing and why? I am going to start off with an at home guide for women to be able to measure themselves at home and have the correct size and information. As my brand develops they will be able to purchase a fashionable pretty feel good supportive comfortable bra. Big busted women generally have a lot of trouble with options whether that is sizing, fashion or both related therefore I want to provide a place where they can find and locate everything on a single platform.
  • Why is this important to you? This idea came from my own struggle and witnessing or hearing the same or very similar struggles from other females. my personal main issue stems from the exceptionally little options, bra and shop wise, I get from being very petite with a large bust size. `I know how much I would appreciate a brand like this so why not start it myself and help others as well.
  • Why should it be important to a donor? What impact will they have by giving money? I believe it will be most helpful to a donor that suffers with these problems because they would be donating to a cause that will help them and for others, they will be funding for a gap in the market. By giving money will help to set up and get started quicker

Where will the money go?

  • What will you spend the funding on if you hit your minimum? printing my leaflets, purchase measuring tapes, packaging 
  • Where will the money go if you hit your full target? printing my leaflets, purchase measuring tapes, packaging plus advertising 
  • What will you do with extra funds if things really take off and you raise more than your target? Towards the supplier of my choice either consultation or stock 
  • How often will you give updates on progress when you're running your project or campaign? at mile stone points either every fortnight or monthly 
  • Breakdown of costs:
  • Measuring tapes (100): £67
  • Packaging + delivery costs: £50-65
  • Printing costs (100 copies): £68


everyone who donates no matter the cost will be able to receive a reward... shoutout on instagram page, discount or early bird access before launched to the public to ensure you get your size  

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  • In fact, share it with everyone you know as I think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.
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