The Monstrologist Game

A project by: Dana Platpire

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Completion Date: Sun 08 Nov 2020
We are making a text-based edutainment mobile game about mental health

Meet the Monstrologist !

The Monstrologist is a text-based edutainment mobile game which aims to educate young people about mental health through examples set within a number of fictional characters and narratives, as well as to monitor their own well-being.

Our Story

The Monstrologist has already been recognized at the Kingston University Bright Ideas Competition earlier this year, where it made it to the finals with only one representative. And now, after establishing The Monstrologist team and further developing the product - we need your help to bring it to life!

There is a visible increase in the number of diagnosed young people with mental health problems. Several factors are believed to contribute, such as the increased school pressure, the effects of social media, as well as the ever fluctuating world, with circumstances such as the currently on-going pandemic resulting in a lot of stress for the current generation.

However, those increasing numbers are also the stems of the fact that young people are much more aware of the importance of mental well-being than their predecessors, and therefore, are more likely to take the decision to be diagnosed. They talk about these issues – and we find it important to support the on-going conversation and the mental well-being movement though a number of popular media means. In our case - The Monstrologist game!

The Game

The Monstrologist strives to be the reliable mental health support and guidance that young people can turn to. Through the characters, in an entertaining and engaging way, it will address various mental health issues using the art of storytelling. The user will be invited to the world of alternative, yet close to home realities, where they will be able to choose the path to face their own problems and understand how to deal with them.

Our Team

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Where will the money go?

At this stage we have completed the first game prototypes, including the first chapter of the story and the application layout. However, we cannot go beyond that. With the raised funds we will:

  • Hire a programmer to build the app (approx. £2,000);
  • Hire a psychologist to proofread and approve the accuracy and safety of our game (approx. £500);
  • Create promotional material to find more sponsors;
  • Develop and distribute the rewards!

Any funds above the goal will allow as to work more closely with the psychologist, as well as to expand the scope of our game while it is still in early development.

Any donation will be a big help! Please also consider sharing the project and following us on Instagram and twitter 

Risks and Challenges

The majority of our team members are or about to become graduates - which means we will be kept busy seeking placements and other career opportunities. It will also take some time to scout a suitable for our team programmer, as we want to ensure we maintain our team beliefs and values.

Therefore, we cannot estimate the actual release of the game at the moment. However, we promise to regularly update our sponsors and supporters in regards to finding the programmer and game development. We will inform you about the release as soon as we know!

The current uncertainty with the COVID-19 is another risk we have to face. Depending on the complications of the second wave the game may also be delayed. However, to keep it positive - our team has this far been successful in working remotely throughout the first wave :)


In no way or form does The Monstrologist state or suggest replacing or being an equivalent of receiving the mental health support from a professional practice or practitioner.

If you are currently in UK and struggling with mental well-being - please refer to this NHS web-page to learn about the help available. You're not alone!

Best wishes,

The Monstrologist Team