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Sustainable Fashion Journal to inspire designers to create ethical and sustainable fashion.


Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world.

Millions of garment workers face poverty and risk.

(Research by Ethical Fashion Forum)

London continues to host many of the top fashion courses in the world.

‘The key to creating a more sustainable future and peaceable world is learning. It is the change of mind on which change towards sustainability depends’. Sterling, S. 2001

‘Educators in fashion nurture students in creating visions and actions for the future, whilst enabling them to join and contribute positively to the present’. Williams, D. 2017

BA Fashion at Kingston Univesity is currently the second best course in the world (BoF Education) and the University is committed to sustainability principles (Led By Learning).  Being inspired by these principles,  I want to assume my responsibility as a fashion student for a sustainable world by devising new solutions.


My project involves creating a resource journal that aims to inform and inspire design students to create innovative, sustainable fashion that will benefit people and the planet. To generate content for this first issue, I have already collaborated with a diverse range of like minded creatives and professionals who are using their roles within fashion to offer a sustainable way of considering, designing and consuming fashion.

My project is supported by Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).



Your kind contribution will ensure this project becomes a reality. With your donations I will promote and deliver this forward thinking learning resource to schools, colleges and universities across the UK. The project has already received extremely positive feedback from industry and education experts and consequently has been selected to be shared through the Sustainability, Social Enterprise and Inclusivity TEDx Talk at Kingston University in June 2017.

By influencing the values of tomorrow’s designers we have a great opportunity to sculpt a green, kind future for the fashion industry.


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