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SUBMERGED animation short film

A project by: Simran Baweja


WE RAISED £2,515

from 11 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 09 Apr 2018
Hybrid live action animation film exploring grief

A short summary of your project

Our film 'Submerged' is about a daughter dealing with the grief of losing her mother in a freak drowning accident. She submerges herself into an underwater realm to escape reality and to try and find the lost connection to her mother. She believes she can find a way to save her mother from the accident, but this is nothing more than a delusion. The mix of live action and animation explores this disconnect from reality.

Who are you?

Simran Baweja: Producer

Matthew Boardman: Director

Callum Harrison: Assistant Director

Laura Flack: Director Of Photography

Leah Brown: Scriptwriter

Jemma Benson: Art Director and Lighting

Charlotte Davies: Editor and Animation Assistant

Your story

The idea for this film was conceived by Matthew Boardman. He wanted to tackle a common theme we all face - grief - in a creative way. This film will explore grief with the mix of live action footage and animation which will push the narrative. (what does ‘push the narrative’ mean?) Matthew wants to explore the main protagonist’s grief by separating her from reality with animation.

This is important because everyone can relate to grief and everyone has had to deal with the loss of a loved one. Matthew sees it as an important story to share, to remind people of the similarities we all face through life.

Donating will help us achieve sharing this story and help us put a film out there that informs you that everyone grieves in their own unique ways. More importantly that it is normal to grieve and that it is natural human behaviour. This project will help us to grow creatively and we also believe the film itself has an important message to help people cope with grief.

Where will the money go?

If we reach our minimum target of £600, this will enable us to cover our basic expenses such as location hire and travel costs (for which we would be very grateful!).

Our overall goal - £2,500 – would enable us to cover the full costs of the project, such as the actors, props and costumes.

If we raise more than our goal of £2,500, then we will be able to enhance the quality of the production by hiring a sound designer and carrying out more advanced post production editing.

We will be giving updates about our project every 10 days, so do check back here!

These are estimated costs and could change dependent on what we raise for this project, but we will ensure to provide regular updates.

A Breakdown of Costs:

• Location hire (one week): £200

• Hotel: £400

• Travel (tickets, petrol): £400

• Art Department (props, costume): £450

• Sound Designer (for 4 days): £400

• Actors (two actors): £500

• Food and drinks: £150


These are the rewards you will get if you fund us! (On achieving the target).

Early viewing on Vimeo (with a password)

Shout out in Credits

A Poster

BTS Pictures of the production

and more...

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