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Film adaptation of Jame Joyce's short story Eveline from his book Dubliners


Eveline is the title of the story written by James Joyce in his book Dubliners. It is the story of a young woman who lives a mundane life with her father in Dublin. One day she meets a young sailor, Frank, who is visiting the old country and they quite fall for each other. So Eveline is presented with an option to leave her unsatisfying life and go to Buenos Ayres with Frank. The adaptation of this story into a film is something I wanted to do ever since I read Joyce's Dubliners a couple of years ago and now I have this opportunity now as part of my filmmaking course.

Who am i?

Well that is a philosophical question and I could claim I am a sixty year old lady who loves cats but at the same time is allergic to them but I am not! Joking aside, I moved from Greece to the UK to start a career in filmmaking and theatre. Theatre will always be a part of my life and a great source of inspiration. I graduated from the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2013, but due to the long lasting socioeconomic crisis that Greece is enduring, it is really difficult to have any opportunities in the arts, let alone trying to make a career as a film or theatre director. 

So I moved to London on my 30th year of being alive, in order to educate myself in the art of filmmaking through Kingston University's filmmaking masters course and pursue a career as a director. 

The team will be comprised of young professionals who are also trying to get into the filmmaking industry. People I know and trust, most of them for many years and with quite some experience working in both films and theatre.    

A few words about them:

Maria Makri

In the main role of Eveline

Maria Makri is a graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Theatre Studies. She resides in Athens, Greece, has performed in several musical plays with the troupe of Katia Paschou Project (2015-2018) and will have the main role of Eveline in the film. She completed her studies in music in 2017 and is a classically trained singer. In 2019 she was assistant director for the play "The Bathed" at Skrow Theatre.

Stella Gaspari-Kakari

Director of Photography / Costume-Set designer

Stella Gaspari - Kakari graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Theate Studies in 2014 and ever since she has worked in several productions for the National Theatre of Greece as a set and costume designer. She is also very skilled with the camera and has completed several seminar courses in photography. She will be director of photography in the film and will also be assisting the main costume designer which is...

dora vestarchi

Costume Designer

Dora Vestarchi has also graduated from the same Faculty of Theatre Studies of the National and Kapodistrian of Athens but is not particularly fond of having pictures of herself as you can tell. Despite that,she is really talented with fabrics and has her own clothing brand and usually teams up with Stella Gaspari -Kakari in costume and set designing for the productions of the National Theatre of Greece.

Where will the money go?

  •  The film will be set in the time period the story in the book takes place, therefore the majority of the funds will go towards paying costumes that will look like they came right out of the late 19th - early 20th century. There are several scenes with background actors so several pieces of period clothing will be needed.  According to our costume designer we will need around £300-350 to be able to fully dress the cast of the film.
  • Despite the title of the book, the film will not be filmed in Dublin, but in the island of Corfu as an alternate imaginary space. Because of that, another part of the funds needed will go towards the transfer of professional equipment to the island, as well as travel expenses for the main cast and crew. This is estimated at around £200 or maybe a bit more. Traveling to Corfu during summer months might be a bit more expensive due to the holiday season. Costumes and transfer expenses are our main concern hence why we have as a minimum the £550 mark. We need at least that much to produce the film.
  •  Ideally we would be grateful if we could reach a target of £900 as we need some funds that will go towards the hiring of locations such as houses that are needed for the film and to obtain the licences needed to isolate areas of the town for filming. Due to the summer season which is quite touristy in Greece, prices will be significantly higher, especially in order to isolate parts of the old town, even the smallest ones. In the scenario we hit our £900 mark and there is spare money left, we will use it to provide catering services to the cast and crew and cover any additional expenses that might come up.


  •  Now if you are willing to help us with that project we will make sure to reward you as a big thank you in various ways. Firstly, you will be included in the credits of the film as a sponsor, no matter how much money you decide to donate. Even if it is just £1! Because every pound/euro/yen/dollar counts and we are more than grateful that you are willing to share it with us.
  •  Secondly, since part of your funds will go towards costumes we are willing to share some of them with you. This way you can get some new, or, well old but nonetheless stylish, clothes for your wardrobe and acquire a piece of the film as well!
  •  We trying to come up with more rewards for you as there might be a soundtrack for the film and some other cool things but we definitely need as much of your support as possible to make this happen.

Have a look

Here are some of the locations of the island considered for the film.

As Corfu was under Venetian rule whilst the rest of Greece was under Ottoman rule, it developed a more European architecture that is completely different from the rest of the Greek Islands and has maintained a lot of its historic buildings, some originating back from the Venetian era. The old town of Corfu City where the majority of the film will take place, is a Unesco World Heritage Site

The streets where Eveline and Frank's romance will developOne of those houses could be Eveline'sAnd of course what would a Greek Island be without the sea

So this a small tease for now as to where the film will take place. It is definitely sunnier than Dublin but the historic town centre more than compensates for the location change with its buildings and narrow streets. 

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