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Completion Date: Tue 28 Aug 2018
Do you want to change the world?

What if I told you that there was a plant that could provide us with the most nutritious and delicious meals whilst also being incredibly great for the environment? What if you could change the world just by eating?

one of the first agriculturally cultivated crops used in early civilisation; with over 12,000 years of history...A plant that only takes around 100 days to grow...

does not require pesticides or herbicides and absorbs more than 12,000 tons of CO2 per acre...

a plant which makes textile fibres with less than half the water used in cotton...

with more than 50,000 uses, hemp can replace some of the most unsustainable materials in  various industries:  paper, plastics, Textiles, construction materials and many more...

This is Hemp, the world most versatile and sustainable crop.  hemp is the next breakthrough superfood that not only contains all essential nutrients the body needs but is also incredibly sustainable. Hemp has over 50,000 uses and could be turned into food, paper, plastic, clothes, building materials and even batteries!

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So if hemp is so good, why don't we use it more?

Hemp is actually part of the cannabis family. However, it lacks the t.h.c. chemical that induces the euphoric effects associated with marijuana. the problem? People often confuse them both being the same plant!

Although there are clear genetic differences (think oranges vs. lemons), the media often portrays hemp-type and marijuana-type cannabis as the same thing. this diminishes hemp's untold potential to help create a better.

the hemp box solves this problem by demonstrating hemp's exclusive versatility;  redefining hemp as a completely separate crop by showcasing its sustainable benefits. Combining an innovative, educational design and a variety of hemp foods packaged using hemp paper, we are able to create a product that showcases that every part of the plant can be used and nothing is wasted.

now, Amberstalk is aiming to raise £15,000 to turn our prototype into a market ready product that would not only educate the population but also make hemp simpler and more accessible for everyday use.

Our story

My name is Kirck Allen and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Amberstalk a London based startup that sustainably produces hemp food products. Our vision is to pioneer a sustainable future by creating products that are not only healthy for the individual but also amazing for the environment.

What started out as an idea in a living room more than 18 months ago, a group of young talented entrepreneurs came together with the vision to change the world.

Back then we had little to no knowledge of what hemp was nor where to find it. However through team work, perseverance, dedication and research we began to create deep meaningful relationships with the top hemp companies and influencers from all over the world. As time passed, the team evolved and our understanding of hemp became clearer.

Hemp Box Prototype concepts

Here are a few images of our prototypes:

Where will the money go?

At £15,000 we would dedicate

  • £6,000 = Brand Promotion and Content Creation (Live Events, Events Equipment, Promotional Videos, Hemp Recipe Videos, Blogs and Vlogs)
  • £2,000 = Marketing & Digital Communications (Website, SEO Management , Email etc.)
  • £2,150 = Food Certifications, Nutrition, Labelling, etc. For each products (Hemp Nuts, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein Powder and Hemp Oil)
  • £2,800 = product development, Cutting forms, Production Tools, Packaging, Storage and Labour
  • £2,050 = Legal Documents and Accounting Fees (Copyright, Trademark, Bookkeeping etc.)


  • Amberstalk Hemp Box - This will contain  Hemp nuts (100 g), Hemp hearts (100 g), Hemp (35%) protein Powder (100 g) and Hemp Oil (100 ml),  All Hemp boxes will be signed by the team/ Co-Founders and @ £1,000 you will have your name engraved on the box
  • First edition Hemp Handbook = @ £25 you will be sent a soft copy and at @ £50, you will be sent a hard copy printed on hemp paper of the Hemp handbook (contains: Hemp History, Facts, Uses and recipes) + Hard copies will be signed by the team
  • A Choice of  Hemp foods  =  from our Product line; Hemp Nuts (150 g), Hemp Hearts (150 g), Hemp Oil (150 ml) and Hemp Protein Powder (150 g)
  • Investors circle =  These are dedicated to the pool of investors who wish to invest in exchange for company equity in the coming months
  • Hemp consultation = Have a private meeting with one of our co-founders about the business opportunities within the hemp industry
  • Amberstalk product launch events = Invitation to a private product/taster launch events in the future for our up coming hemp products
  • Amberstalk Postcard = This will include a thank you card written on hemp paper
  • Amberstalk Associate Email List = an exclusive email list where you will gain Free access to future amberstalk events,  Product launches, Product tasting opportunities, farm volunteering, Behind the scenes progress of the Amberstalk Team and much much more!

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Help us succeed!!

  • Your investments will lead us one step closer in turning our vision into a reality!
  • The more people use hemp, the more we grow. The more we grow, the more products we could create. and the more we create the better it is for the environment!
  • You don't need to give money to help us succeed!  Just simply share our video and the link of this event on your twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform and it will be a great support!
  • The more people know more about hemp, the better! So lets change to world together and #UseHemp!