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Environmental friendly food packaging

stay home, save lives & save the earth!

Hi everyone! My name is Lilly and I am the founder of That's Fresh Sustainable Packaging (TFSP). Welcome to my campaign!

I have been an ethical consumer my whole life, and I've finally put my passion for sustainability to tangible actions when I found TFSP 6 months ago. Our mission is to replace single use materials for packaging in the UK with environmental friendly ones. We will also focus on using manufacturers in poor areas that are recruiting unemployed women.

The UK government has rescheduled the new regulation banning all single use plastic this coming October 2020. To prepare for that event, I would like to raise £1,400 for my Market Entrance Campaign. I want to grab this opportunity to enter and make an impact in the Food Take-Away Industry. We should all enjoy the pleasure of good food delivered to our door without the guilt of unethical consumer choices!

By helping our StartUp, you not only saving your conveniency, but the Earth and underprivileged women and their family! 

our story

Not long before Covid-19, there was an epidemic the world was fighting against, in a much larger scale - Plastic Epidemic. Unlike the virus, plastic has harmful effects not only on human, but every other species and especially the earth. 90% of ocean waste come from disposable food packaging, resulting in micro-plastic found in sea creatures and human cells. Plastic waste is surging from Covid-19 from the rising trend in delivery and single-used items. To protect our health, as well as mother nature's, opting to use more sustainable materials is the future of global economy.

Hence, nations around the globe are banning plastics consumption and imported waste. Paper and bioplastic materials hold the majority of plastic-alternatives regardless their greenwashing environmental impacts. Although smart consumers are now aware of the marketing ploy, the surging trend on delivery/ single use from Covid-19 left their ethical conscience little choices. Our plant-based materials made from a variety of grass, sugarcane and rice; making the packaging practical and sustainable. These are testing to be completely eco-friendly, durable, non-toxic, design to fit in the circular economy cycle, take easier approach on waste management and even edible. 

Your health safety and conveniency shouldn't cost your ethics!

Where will the money go?

  • Website support: £200
  • Media content: £300
  • Prototype development: £500
  • Shipping sample inside the UK: £300
  • Shipping from East Asia: £100


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