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An innovative and engaging STEM outreach project. Inspiring future space pioneers!

Humankinds journey into space is nothing short of incredible. Therefore It’s comes as no surprise that It continues to inspire millions of us all around the world.

We are building a Mars rover for STEM outreach for London school children. This pilot project is an essential tool for connecting school children with the space sector!This will be nearly all their first interaction with anything space-related. If successful, this project has the scalability for national or even wider impact!   

So many of us at an early age dream of playing a part in that journey but for the vast majority of us that childhood dream is forever left sadly unrealised. Becoming ‘A rocket scientist, Astronaut, Astro, Engineer, etc’ seems so unattainable, even abstract, to the vast majority of children.

Why is that?

Simply put, they feel so disconnected from it. They have had no exposure to the sector, and have no idea how the space sector works, what challenges It has, and what amazing opportunities it presents. It is vitally important to re-establish this connection with the nations school children, so for them it is something tangible, it’s demystified, it is accessible to them and most of all It is completely attainable for anyone.

How can this be changed?

Many of us may feel the most obvious answer would be to simply undertake a curriculum reform that would answer this need. The cost of this would extremely high, taking into account the costs of all new textbooks, possible new equipment, training for the teachers (this disconnect is not only exist in the students) the extensive time this would take. Furthermore, even after all of this happened would this even be enough and provide the level of impact needed for this to change? While changing the curriculum may seem the best idea it does not seem suitable.

This is where we come in 

Our Mars rover is a cost-effective solution ensuring long-term sustainability and viability. Our mars rover will be taken into schools where children complete tasks together. It has been specially designed with the end user in mind. The workshops aim to deliver high-value experiential learning, provided meaningful engagement. Students don't just meet a Mars rover and observe it, they actively interact with it, control it, solve live problems with it. Providing them with the best possible learning experience. 

Where will the money go?

We want our Mars rover to be as realistic as possible we feel this is essential to give our users the best experience. Engineering a planetary surface vehicle such as a rover that will be millions of miles from Earth is a complex and demanding thing to fulfil. Your kind support will help us cover the following essential costs: 

  • Rover body £40.00
  • Suspension and driving £187.04
  • Visual system £56.97
  • Electronics £244.33
  • Bulk materials £100.00
  • Outreach £80.00
  • Supporter costs £740.00
  • Additional costs £200.00
  • Budget mitigation £98.90

To receive updates, please follow our bi-weekly newsletters and our social media channels where we will be updating you on our progress!


Yes Yes Yes not only does your support offer so many something incredibly meaningful. We also have a tier support reward system offering you amazing people an extra reason to come on board:

£15 and over a special personalised thank you card signed by all the team to anyone you like 

£40 and over a special 3D printed mini rover (free delivery to anywhere in the UK)

£75 and over a special unique rover t-shirt of your own (free delivery to the UK)

£175 and our team members will over and personalised 1 tutoring session for you or a lecture on space for a school of your choice. (London and Surrey in person only, online if beyond this area)

£450 and you can have you own unique rover day with us. This could be for just you, you and your children or you and your colleagues. (maximum of six people, London or surrey only or come to us) *Please note this will be for after June 2024 only, when the rover is completed!

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