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Phantasmagorical - Grad Film

A project by: Fae Al-Kalamchi


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This project received pledges on Thu 12 Mar 2020
An adventure of self discovery in a new world


As a group we aim to raise a total budget of £2,000 for our final graduation film. ‘Phantasmagorical’ is an experimental story exploring deep rooted emotions while simultaneously delivering elements of fantasy and escapism. My crew and I are envisioning this as a creative exploration depicting what it feels like when one is confronted with their own identity. It is a tale of a young deaf girl who believes that eating flowers will give her magical powers and she uses this in an attempt to manipulate her mundane everyday life, this then becomes an odd yet alluring addiction. The majority of the film will take place in the forest, this otherworldly location becoming her safe space in the depths of her mind.

We want to explore themes of fantasy and identity, analysing the link between the two by showing how they tie together when attempting to discover oneself and we intend to do this through in-depth set design and incredibly detailed sound design. As a team we hope to create a film that instils a sense of dreamlike nostalgia within the audience and portray a realistic representation of how finding oneself can be a tricky path to navigate. 

Who We Are 

My team and I are third year BA Filmmaking students working on our Graduation film. My name is Lydia Henry and I am the Producer for ‘Phantasmagorical’: 

Director: Fae Al-Kalamchi and Grace Edmunds-Jones 

Producer: Lydia Henry 

Writer: Fae Al-Kalamchi 

Sound Recordist: Emily Rose  

Sound Designer: PJ Gray 

Director of Photography: Grace Edmunds-Jones 

First Assistant Camera: Coralie de Winne 

Editor: Owen Ruthven 

Art Department: Zoe Small 

First Assistant Director: Krystal Guan 

Where will the money go?

  • Set design and costume - £1000 
  •  Permission to film - £80 
  •  Food on set - £140 
  •  Travel costs - £130 
  •  Van hire and petrol - £150 
  •  Actors fees - £350 (3 shooting days) 
  •  Miscellaneous - £150
  • Any extra funds will go towards festival submissions 


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Help us succeed!

As a team we will be extremely appreciative and grateful for any support given whether that be a donation or simply sharing our project, we hope you can help us to achieve a successful final product for our graduation project. If you aren't able to donate, then no worries! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us, the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly, thank you!