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Completion Date: Mon 26 Apr 2021
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Having a problem not knowing what to cook even when your fridge is full and could end up as food waste? Let JUMBLE help you.

Be super organised: Tell Jumble what you are in the mood for, and what you have leftover, the app will suggest the dishes with recipes and instructions.

No possible dishes from the leftover? Jumble can organise the grocery list, track the food expiry dates, and notify you to cook them before they go bad.

Always keep connections: Share recipes and grocery lists to your family or flatmates, and let them vote 

And Voila!! Dinner is ready to serve, with a zero food-waste. Everything is so easy with “JUST ONE TAP”

What we do?

Food waste is generally related to behavioural issues, one-third of the food produced in the UK for human consumption is wasted every year, that equals one trillion pounds. That’s a loss of revenue that could be spent for things like health care, public transport, education , etc.

Jumble is all about to highlight minimising food waste by changing the way you view circularity to food in terms of wisely using ingredients is a component to Jumble. But the way to do that is to open the minds and palettes of the consumers.

  • Be super organised - with recipes and instructions
  • Visibility in refrigerators - track and notify the food expiry dates
  • Preparing ingredients properly
  • Avoiding misjudged food needs
  • Clarifying food date labelling
  • Notifying regular items
  • Meal plans and shopping lists
  • Always keep connections with your family or flatmates

Where will the money go? 

Monthly net expenses breakdown (£)

The £20,000 will go to the software developer to create the online prototype that can be active on App Store and Play Store, and to develop constantly the app over the first 12months.

App Development Process


  1. Business Analysis 2/3 weeks – £2,500
  2. UI Design 3/4 weeks – £1,000
  3. Back-end development 6/8 weeks – £6,000
  4. Front-end development 6/8 weeks – £6,000
  5. Testing 2weeks – £1,500

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - £ 3,000

The overall process of app development could take approximately £17,000. However, the first £5,000 minimum Funding Target will mainly go to the software developer to create the online prototype that can be active on App Store and Play Store, and to develop constantly the app over the first 6months.

Overall Cost Breakdown - per month

APP Development Cost: £2000

APP Maintenance Cost : £1000

 Online Marketing : £600

 Offline Events: £300

Market Research: £200

Stationary: £100

Liability insurance: £100

Administration costs: £100


With your support, we'll be able to take Jumble mainstream. We'll take on food waste responsibly, as well as constantly improve add-on values to messes. While of course growing this wonderful community of people living life in a sustainable style! JUST ONE TAP!  

We'd love for you to join us on our exciting journey ahead, and to do so you can invest anything from £1 in rewards, Jumble will always keep our Seeders learn more and stay updated at all time. We hope to welcome you into the Jumble Squad soon, which includes lifetime discount! 

YES, FOR LIFE! Hooray! 

Lots of Jumble love!