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He Echoed - Grad Film

A project by: Lydia Henry


WE RAISED £1,330

from 24 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 09 Mar 2020
A fictional drama exploring neglected pain and unresolved grief


We want to raise a total budget of £1,800 for our final graduation film. "He Echoed" is a psychological drama piece, which will explore elements of thriller and suspense. It is a short story which follows a young man, Sam, who is dealing with the passing of his late father and stumbles into an existential realm to be confronted with his future self. The forest acts as a metaphor for Sam's grief, working against him, and also acts as an intensifier for his heightened emotions. This is symbolising that grief can never truly be gone from a person's mind, just only minimised. Once he's made aware of what he could become if he carries on in this detrimental way, Sam must look further into himself and looks for a way out from his unforeseeable fate.

As a team, our goal is to explore themes of repressed trauma and how oneself can unravel and manifest. We intend to do this through the use of set design, characters and cinematography, where we would use close-up and extreme wide shots to create a unsettling, uncomfortable but personal experience for both Sam and the audience. The film will be very reliant on the sound design aspect, creating for an otherworldly haunting atmosphere.

Who We Are

My name is Lydia Henry and I am the Producer for "He Echoed". Me and my group are third year BA Filmmaking students: 

Director: Owen Ruthven

Producer: Lydia Henry

Writer: Fae Al-Kalamchi

Sound Recordist: Emily Rose 

Sound Designer: Grace Edmunds-Jones

Director of Photography: Kieran Falzon

Editor: Addy Feingold

Art Dept: Emily Rose and Miranda Song

Assistant Director: Fae Al-Kalamchi

1st Assistant Camera: Aisha Rana

Where will the money go?

  •  Set design and costume - £250
  •  Venue hire (2 days shooting, 3 nights) -  £500
  •  Food on set - £140
  •  Travel costs for actors - £100
  •  Van hire and petrol - £150
  •  Actors fees - £510 (3 shooting days)
  •  Miscellaneous - £150
  •  Any extra funds will go towards festival submissions


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Help us succeed

We as a team will be extremely grateful and appreciative of any support that can be given and hope you can help us to achieve a successful final product for our graduation project. If you aren't able to donate, then no worries! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us, the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly, thank you!