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Watching the Wheels

A project by: Bahar Toufighi


WE RAISED £1,000

from 3 donors

This project received pledges on Thu 15 Sep 2022
We’re all trying to follow that London dream

A short summary of our project

Watching the Wheels is a short film about Sarah, a girl deciding to move to London to follow her London dream. She is finding living in London difficult and she is having a hard time finding a job, or even applying for one. She is just sitting at her flat, having conversations with her neighbour through the thin walls of her small studio apartment. 

Who are we?

My name is Bahar Toufighi and I am studying filmmaking at Kingston University. This project is my film dissertation. Alongside me, Satya Nath Goud is editing this film. He is also a Kingston University film making student and this is his dissertation film. 

our story

Many of us have been there. Interview after interview to get a job. Trying to get that London experience while we feel like it’s too expensive and it’s slowly melting us. Losing faith in ourselves while we feel like people around us are losing faith in us, watching the wheels is watching the wheels of time and watching the wheels of fate going around and around and us, despite everything and against all odds we fight for that chance, we try hard and we stay for London. 

Watching the Wheels is a love song for the most beautiful city in the world.

Where will the money go?

The money will be spent on set, travel and food for the shooting days.

Days of shooting: 5

  • Food for 4 actors, sound recordist, editor, set designer, costume designer, cinematographer, assistant director: (80 pounds per day: 400 pounds)
  • Food on set for the dinner scenes: 25 pounds. 
  • Travel costs for 4 actors (rehearsals and shooting days): 150 pounds.
  • Costumes: 2 outfits for the supporting actor and 1920s costumes for leading actress and actor: 130 pounds 
  • Props: Keyboard, Clock, Decorations: 400 pounds


We will be very grateful for any amount of money even the smallest donation will help us. Any donations more than 50 pounds will be in our Special Thanks in the credits and will receive a thank you email from us.