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Completion Date: Wed 07 Jul 2021
creating a new normal

About twocups

TWOCUPS is found with a vision to create a brand that celebrates women who have survived breast cancer. Each product is made, keeping in mind, the requirements of these women to deliver comfort, style and a sense of confidence. 

Who are you?

I'm Nikita, a Kingston University graduate in International Business Management. The idea of TWOCUPS  came to me while I was researching for lingerie for someone close to me who is a breast cancer survivor. I realised that while there are products in the market, most of them only focus on providing functionality but are not fashionable at all. I want to change that. With TWOCUPS, my aim is to create products that not only exude style but also create a sense of confidence.

Your story

As a woman, I understand how much of a confidence boost good lingerie creates and I want to create that with my brand. With, TWOCUPS, that’s my goal. What is unique about my idea is the fact that I want to create a product that provides fashionability along with functionality.

Where will the money go?

If you contribute 20% to my asked funding, this is what I can achieve: 

- Business registration and quality certifications - £300

On achieving 50% of my funding:

- Collection design - £200

On achieving the full funding: 

- Towards the placement of first order of TWOCUPS - £400

Help me succeed!

As much as it is important to receive funding, I would also like it if everyone who come across my campaign to share my idea to the next person they meet.If you would like to share your skillset with my startup or get added to the mailing list to hear about the latest developments in my project; reach out to me at:

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Please Note:

For the avoidance of doubt, it is understood that the acceptance of a donation does not gain the Donor any influence over this project or right to favourable treatment. It is understood that the Donor has no preferential access to ownership in the business, intellectual property or services. No supply of services will be made in relation to the donation and no other condition is linked to the acceptance of a donation. If you have chosen to receive a reward as a thank you for your donation, these will be distributed by the project owner after the project completion date.