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This project received pledges on Mon 10 May 2021
3rd Wish is an exploration of friendship, desire and ones place in a greater world. Also, Genies.

the synopsis

A genie is a mystical being, capable of granting the wielder of its brass prison 3 wishes. Disney’s Aladdin prescribes 3 rules for these mystical executioners of desire; the genie cannot kill, cannot resurrect, and cannot force love. Many would cash in their first two wishes for simple materialistic desires, perhaps money, perhaps power, but these first two wishes are meaningless to the greater understanding of the wish maker. What matters most, is their 3rd wish.

The titular Aladdin uses his 3rd wish for an ultimately altruistic and passionate purpose, he releases the genie from his lamp and grants him the freedom he has desired for so long. But Aladdin is a fairytale. This film seeks to explore the desires of the general public and a select few interviewed individuals to use this deus ex machina of an ethereal wish granting being to determine the core aspects of these individuals persona.

Told through the medium of interviews and studio based presenting, inspired by the likes of The Eric André Show and Between Two Ferns, 3rd Wish seeks to identify what people will exchange their wish for and analysing it to try understand the interviewee as a person and what makes them tick, ultimately exploring the creators personal link and attachment to said interviewee and what defines them. This playful, comedic, and upbeat piece seeks to highlight the light side inside every person, by showcasing it in these select individuals and then extrapolating it through a short questionnaire to the general public that will examine the same topic on a more wide spectrum. The film will be accompanied by an original composition by the creator and will be presented through a series of multi-cam interviews.

The crew

Carl Bowditch - Director, Presenter, Director of Sound

Carl Bowditch (me but lets not ruin this illusion) is a multi-media creative from Frome, Somerset, passionate about all things eccentric and absurd. Carl will be presenting 3rd Wish, interviewing and analysing all the participants. Carl has previously worked as a Director in Falmouth, Cornwall, on the film SCARS [2018] and has Sound Designed and Composed on most of his projects since; in particular the films Charlie [2020] and Everlight [2021].

Bradley Towers - Director of Photography

As CEO of First Step Digital and a passionate independent filmmaker on his own, Bradley has proven himself time and time again as an incredibly talented and professional DoP. Bradley will be shooting 3rd Wish with a multi-cam setup incorporating 2x Panasonic DVX200 and 1x Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema (BNPCC4K). He has previously worked on Solace [2020], Through Time [2019] and, Different [2019].

Harry Bennett - Director of Editing

Harry is an incredibly experienced editor with all things lighthearted and comedic, having worked on professional and commercial multi-cam projects in the past with First Step Digital for Division Six. Harry is highly proficient in DaVinci Resolve and will be editing 3rd Wish using this. He has a strong body of comedic editing, evident in Pool [2017], The Perfect Sandwich [2020] and, his work with Division 6ix. 

The budget

We've estimated the following costs for 3rd Wish to be:

  • £200 for props (full breakdown will be provided in the updates tab upon purchase of props).
  • est. £100 on distribution package (posters, promo material, etc.) as a professional graphic designer will be hired.
  • est. £60 on crew food and travel during production.
  • The remainder will be spent on film festival entry and a full breakdown of cost and entries will be provided. 

what will you get for donating?

There are a few rewards for donating!

Donating £5 or more gets you:

  • Contributor tier credit.
  • Eternal gratitude.

Donating £25 or more gets you:

  • Special thanks credit.
  • Print of the film poster. (Signed if you want)
  • Eternal gratitude and love.

Donating £50 or more gets you:

  • Executive producer credit.
  • Print of the film poster. (Signed if you want)
  • A clip of you making your 3 genie wishes included in the credits sequence. 
  • Eternal gratitude, love and, respect.

where to find updates:

The best place to find updates will be on the updates tab here or on the dedicated 3rd Wish instagram (coming soon). Links to all can be found on @carlbowditch on Instagram.

how you can help (besides donating)

  • Share this! The more shares, the better. 
  • Tell your friends! Basically the same as above.
  • Rope your family into donating! 
  • Follow the dedicated 3rd Wish instagram!