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The Things I Miss

A project by: Kevin Thompson


WE RAISED £2,201

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This project received pledges on Sun 15 Aug 2021
Engagement ring. For sale. Never worn?

A Kingston University MA Filmmaking production

The Things I Miss is a short film about the stories we tell ourselves to get over lost love, the objects that are left behind, and the roles that we play in everyday life. The story revolves around Duncan as he meets Leah to appraise and buy a diamond engagement ring, but what exactly is it that Leah is trying to sell him?

Set in central London, The Things I Miss looks at the themes of memory, identity, and the pieces of our past that we hold onto, real or perceived. 

This dissertation film takes its inspiration from the films of Terrence Malick, Sofia Coppola, Céline Sciamma, Spike Jonze, and Richard Linklater. For the past few years I've worked mostly in commercial and documentary film. This production will be one of my first narrative productions as a director and I hope to use it as a calling card in this new direction of my film career. 

Scheduled for production in late July/early August 2021. 

We're hoping to raise funds to help make this the best short film we can and then jumpstart the process of submitting to film festivals in 2022. 


Kevin R. Thompson - Director, Writer, and Editor

Zoe Taylor - Producer and Assistant Director

Daniel Hughes Hawkins - Sound Design and Sound Recordist

Where will the money go?

We’re looking to raise £2,000 to help cover the cost of food, production expenses, actors (4 roles for a two-day shoot), production design/art department, additional crew, equipment rental for a two-day shoot in Central London, and film festival promotion.

A minimum of £500 will help us pay 4 actors and cover food and expenses for the cast and crew. Anything raised beyond that will go towards upping our production value through better costumes and props, hiring a cinematographer, rental of a set of Cine lenses, and entry to and promotion for film festivals. 

  • Actors (4 roles for a two-day shoot) - £480
  • Food (Cast and Crew) - £100
  • Production Design and Art Department (props and costumes) - £100
  • Additional Crew (Cinematographer) - £500
  • Equipment Rental (Cine lenses) - £500
  • Festival Promotion - £200+


We have some great rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give, from personalized social media shout outs, special thanks in the credits, an Executive Producer credit in the film, and signed postcards featuring artwork from the film.

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