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The Way We Are

A project by: Adriana Afonso



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This project received pledges on Mon 17 Jul 2023
Can this couple's relationship survive their differences?

A short summary of your project

The Way We Are is our graduation film for MA Filmmaking. It's the story about a Chinese gay couple who is struggling on their relationship due to different views on their hometown and different plans for the future. 

Who are you?

The main crew for the film is me, Adriana Afonso as Producer;

Sean Gao as the director,

Jay Harris as the cinematographer

Cindy Li as the Sound Recordist / Designer 

and Ūla Arbačiauskaitė as the editor. 

Your story

The director decided to do this story based on how queer people are affected by the anti-LGBTQ+ laws are in China, and also based on his personal experience. We all saw in the story a way to portray this issue and as a challenge as we want to be able to tell it in the most respectful and beautiful way we can. 

Where will the money go?

First of all, the minimum amount would allow us to pay actors as well as food and travelling expenses to all of the crew involved in making the film come true. If we raise more than this amount, we would like to pay a little more to the actors than the bare minimum, as well as cover for our own expenses with paying the venue used for a scene in a bar. We're hiring a makeup artist and paying for props and set design too. 

Mainly, we want to make sure that the actors and the makeup artist are paid for and that everyone is reimbursed for their expenses. Then, if we can, we'd cover for our investment in filming rights and indispensable things to make the film look beautiful. 

If there's any money left that we haven't spent on the film itself, we're recurring to it to pay for our entry to film festivals so our movie can be seen around the world!

Actors - £350

Make-up artist £200

Food for all of the shooting dates - £250

Props and costumes - £200 

Venue hire  - between £200 - £400

Cast and crew travelling expenses - £100


Your contribution, even if just £1 would mean the world to us and we'd include you in the credits for the film. 

Help us succeed!

Please share our fundraiser even if you can't contribute monetarily, and help us make our film come true in the best way possible!