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The Uniform Paradox

A project by: Matleena Honkanen


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This project received pledges on Tue 30 May 2023
Exploration on workers' uniforms, power dynamics, identity, and surveillance.

The Uniform Paradox

The Uniform Paradox is a publication that explores the complex connection between workers' uniforms, power dynamics, identity, and surveillance. It combines Google Street View images and curated texts to delve into how uniforms can both restrict and reinforce workers' societal positions. The publication investigates the impact of surveillance on workers' behavior and identity both on and off the streets. I'm raising money to develop this project further and turn it into an exhibition that combines printed images with handmade street signs that communicate the core message of this project.

About me

I'm a third-year graphic design student at KSA, and I'm excited to take one of my projects to the next level through an exhibition. This exhibition will be featured as part of the S Creatives festival in Finland and the upcoming degree show in London in July 2023. In my design practice, I frequently delve into themes such as workers' rights movements and activism against capitalism. In my design practice, I find joy in exploring and working with a variety of mediums. While I have a particular affinity for printed mediums, such as publications, I also embrace the exciting opportunities presented by digital media. By expanding this project, The Uniform Paradox, I aim to spark conversations about these important issues through visually engaging design.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards the cost of printing and building the exhibition display. The human-size canvas prints will be printed on fabric, whereas the typographic street graphics will be hand-painted on wood with acrylics. I will also need money to cover the costs of transportation to Finland for the exhibition. Some of the money will also go towards printing an edition of 100 copies of the publication.

  • Transportation cost: £100
  • Fabric + Fabric Printing £300
  • Wood + Acrylic Paints £200
  • Publication materials and printing £400

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