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‘The Other Self’ SS25 graduate collection

A project by: Freja Smith



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Graduate collection- materials and photoshoot

A summary of my project

'The Other Self' is my BA graduate collection, which was inspired by illustrations I drew in my diary over the summer. These illustrations imagined a world for our internal, or 'other' selves which is more ethereal than our own, centring a fairy character who is traipsing a garden. This collection is an interpretation of this dreamscape, and the characters who exist within it. Hand-printing techniques have been important in conveying this narrative, and I have enlarged and developed my original illustrations into screen prints to translate the narrative onto fabric.


Knitwear also has a considerable focus in this collection, as a practise in hand-making and a way of being able to completely engineer a new fabric. I have experimented with different techniques and yarn combinations throughout the year to convey this asymmetric, draped quality of silhouette that runs throughout the collection. I have sourced entirely deadstock or second-hand yarns to achieve this.

Other techniques which have been important to this collection include patch working with second-hand garments and magpie-d antique laces and table linens.This is a way I felt I could address issues with sustainability in a way which is accessible to myself. 

Overall, this collection is a sentimental and delicate interpretation of a day dream I have, and I hope each garment is imbued with such affection as to remind us of the value of clothes and the stories they can hold. 


I am a final year BA Fashion student at Kingston School of Art. I am interested and passionate about textiles and surface, specialising in knitwear and recently learning more about print. Last year, I interned at Phoebe English studio, which is where I learned a lot about patch working with remnants and re-purposing fabrics, which I have taken forward into my graduate collection. 

I am looking forward to graduating and hopefully finding a design role where I can continue to learn about these areas I am interested in, and continue to grow as a designer. 

Where will the money go? 

Funding would support the material costs of this collection, entry to the final year show and a photoshoot of this final collection (and other costs incurred from the photoshoot).

I have outlined an estimation of costs below:

  • entry to final show: £100
  • Photoshoot: (£150 photographer, £60 film, £4 film development, £30 printing, £56 transport, £50 equipment for shoot (steamer, changing tent, clothes line, garment bags, rugs, etc)

I'm really excited to see everything from this personal project come together and would appreciate any help through ku backer, or even through sharing this page. 


I would gift a copy of a screen print featured in my collection to anyone who donates over £30.