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The Forgotten Frontier

A project by: Jamie Deakin


WE RAISED £1,050

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A Final collection exploring the history of transgender men in the American Wild West

The forgotten frontier 

I am raising £1000 towards my final collection, 'The Forgotten Frontier'. This project explores transgender identity and is part of the Fashion Design BA course at Kingston University! The results will be a six-look collection, which can be seen in the University Degree show at Penrhyn campus in June. 

The Forgotten Frontier is a collection based on research into the transgender community's history and how trans individuals existed in the past. It then developed into a Wild West themed project after discovering the untold stories of individuals who transcended gender in 19th Century America.  

In this collection, I am honouring these incredible lives and stories that have been erased from history. In this age, it feels more valuable than ever, given the struggles the trans community faces with erasure. I therefore want the collection to be as authentic as possible. Donations to this would help me fully shine a light on these individuals and bring our history to life. 

About me

I am a fashion design student at Kingston School of Art, specialising in menswear. 

Where will the money go?

I will use the funding from this for costs such as models, photographer, film photography and development, fabrics and the costs of machinists. I have listed below the exact costs and specifics. 

Photographer (including expenses) - £120

Models (expenses only) - £90

Film - £153.60

Film development - £168 (£12 per roll) 

Leather machinist - £340

Denim machinist - £80

Any more donated towards this would be a huge help in getting this history seen and heard and tickets to see the collection in the show will be available towards the end of May! I have linked my instagram below in which I will keep regular updates on the process of the collection. 

Updates of the project:

(please get in touch with me if you would like more information!)

Instagram -  @jamiedeakinn

Emails -  jamiedeakin2001@gmail.com  k2026956@kingston.ac.uk

Thank you for taking the time to read. You don't need to give money to help this project succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support this – on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or email. Again, you'd don't need to give money to help but any donations made would be greatly appreciated!