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"The Fidget" (Dissertation Film)

A project by: Laurence Storey


WE RAISED £1,500

from 4 donors

This project received pledges on Wed 19 Jun 2019
A short film showing what life is like with Tourettes Syndrome, both internally & externally.

A short summary of my project

I'm raising £1,500 to make a film about my experiences with Tourettes Syndrome. This will be shown from my point of view (half of the scenes take place inside my own head) and from the POV of everyone else (who seem to find me very annoying). All of the research I have done suggests that this is the first time TS has been brought to the foreground in cinema, although given the stigma attached to the condition it's almost certain that many successful film makers have had it and kept it secret.

Tourettes Action UK have been notified about the project and they are keen to help with the transportation costs.

Where will the money go?

The film has been costed (and independently checked) as follows

  • Hostelry - £190
  • Catering & Laundry - £85
  • Wardrobe (Purchase & Rental) - £100
  • Props (Purchase) - £35
  • Printing (scripts & props)- £25
  • Trains (from London) - £700
  • Travel Expenses (local) - £200
  • Petrol (for Drivers) - £65
  • Contingency - £100
  • TOTAL - £1,500


  • £10 donation gets you a "Special Thanks to" shout-out in the credits
  • £50 will get you any of the hand-drawn story board pages, signed by the artist and the cast, plus the above
  • For £500 you'll get both of the previous... but I will also come to your house, clean it from top to bottom, and cook you and yours a three-course meal to thank you properly.