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A project by: Sonia Rai


WE RAISED £1,500

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This project received pledges on Fri 29 Jul 2022
Exploring my Nepalese culture and identity

A short summary of MY project

I'm raising money to carry out my final major project which will be used towards paying for all the materials and machines required to proceed further my collection. My graduate collection delves into the relationship between myself, my mother, my sister as well as the effects of the South Asian society. Through the experience being complicated, I investigate the silhouette of Rai attire, breaking it down into shapes and details, building and dismantling.

Who am I?

I am in my third year of BA Fashion at Kingston School of Art. I am a Non Binary Designer. I feel strongly about exploring identity and showing this through clothing and performance. 

MY story

In this collection, I investigate the silhouette of Rai attire, breaking it down into shapes and details, building and dismantling it. I have used my own culture and heritage in this collection. I have always wanted to explore this area and for people to be curious through my work.

For my first capsule, which is my graduate collection. I have taken the concept of myself, my sister, my mother and the Nepalese society we live in and have grown up with. The impacts it has had on us growing up.  

I took into consideration of the designs, detail, fabrication and actually making the garment. For example, I used weighted buttons to feel the weight on the delicate fabric, however, not only can you see the weight pulling on the fabric but also you can feel it. Likewise with the society. I further expanded my experiment with elements such like metal and transparency fabrication. I want to  not just make clothes, but to have the same level of appreciation as a piece of art and not just a piece of clothing you forget tomorrow.  

Where will the money go?

If I reach my goal, all of these funds will be used to aid in the design and finalisation of my collection. The procedure is costly and time-consuming. It would be extremely beneficial for me to recover some of it so that I can consider starting my own brand.

Break down of COST:

Sewing Machine & Overlocker = £688.84

Fabrics & Trimmings = £600

Models, Photography, = £230


I will personally thank the donors by sending out a coupon code for my products once the webpage is set up.


I will be making frequent updates on my instagram @soniasonahangrai