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'Round in Circles' Show Fundraiser

A project by: Bethany Nias



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This project received pledges on Sun 12 Sep 2021
Interior Design Graduates planning to host a design show to exhibit our Final Portfolios

We are a collection of Interior Design Graduates of Kingston University. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we had to cancel the Live Summer Show, in which we would usually display our portfolios and projects from final year, in exchange for an online event.

In response to this a collection of our class has decided to band together to hold our own event. We are planning to host a design show 'Round in Circles' in mid-September to exhibit our final portfolios, however to do this we must raise funds to pay for venue hire along with other necessary fees.

Our goal is to raise £2,365 to cover the venue and van hire, project printing and poster printing. If we are able to reach our goal it means that students will not have to self fund their materials - which can be an issue for those in financial need. 

This will be broken down as follows: 

  •  Venue Hire £875 (£175*5) 
  •  Poster Printing £60
  •  Project Printing £1320 
  •  Van Hire £110 

If we only reach our minimum of £600, then the funds will be prioritised to our key areas to ensure we have a space for artists to show their self-funded printed work: 

  •  Venue Hire £525 (£175*3)
  •  Van Hire £110 

This show is not only a great opportunity to exhibit new industry talent, but also an opportunity to view how we can be more sustainable within the design industry, as our projects focus on Circular Economy within Design (hence the name). As graduates with little funding, we rely on the help of external sponsors and your support will allow us to achieve our goal.