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Queen and Lionheart

A project by: Jelena Lützel


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This project received pledges on Tue 25 Jun 2019
Two girls who couldn't be any different to each other go on a journey to find a beach.

Queen and Lionheart

Queen and Lionheart is a story about two friends, who couldn't be more different in their personalities. Ronja is shy, organized and quiet, while Quinn is wild, crazy and caring. Together they make a funny but functioning team. When Ronja keeps having mysterious dreams about her past, Quinn takes the lead and organises a journey. They make the move to find a beach but on the way they learn a lot about themselves. 

The fAboulus Team

Jelena Luetzel, writer/director

Haley Fusia, director of cinematography

Laurie Overton, 1st AD

Lauren Bell, 2nd AD

James Goodchild, 1st AC and editor

Cristina Barillari, co-editor/data-wrangler

Stefanos Kollaps , sound recordist

Cait Blake-McEachran, co-producer

Steph Ward, art department

The story Behind the Film

The greatest thing about being a filmmaker is working in a team. You can multiply your creativity and support each other. We all worked on films together before and now our gradfilm is coming up - the last big step before finishing filmschool.

For me, the writer and director, it has always been important to use my voice through the films I make and tell a message. I wanted to write and film a female driven story in a mostly male centred genre - the buddy movie. Our two protagonists are not just good or bad - they are thriving, dangerous, loving, mysterious and real.

It is important for us to tell the story of female character for a broad audience, something that everyone can enjoy. To create characters that everyone, boy or girl, can relate to. 

Where will YouR money go?

All the money will go into the making of the film.

  • Location fees: £150
  • Actors: £250
  • Travel (trains & petrol): £150
  • Costumes: £100
  • Food for Cast & Crew: £250
  • Posters and advertisment: £50
  • Filmfestival submisson fee: £50

Check Out the Rewards

We have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. But your biggest reward will of course be our eternal gratefullness and love!


Our first table read on a boat!

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Visit @queenandlionheart.film on Instagram to find out more about our production, cast and crew! We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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