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The Singing Birds

A project by: Prudence Brokenbrow



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A graduate collection inspired by Angela Carter's 'The Erl-King'.

A summary of your project

Among the Singing Birds is my 6 look graduate collection that is inspired by Angela Carter's 'The Erl-King'. In the forest, a young woman falls under the spell of the Erl-King and is transformed into a delicate bird. Yet, discovering her inner strength, she breaks free from his enchantment, and turns herself back into a woman. This collection explores how clothing can empower and reflect a strong feminine identity - worn by a range of models to show that it is accessible to all women.

I have also included some deadstock materials into my collection to help reduce waste and design from an environmentally conscious aspect. 

Who are you?

I am a final year Fashion Design student at Kingston University. I am a knitwear and womenswear designer. My university career has allowed me to explore my place as a designer and I hope this collection helps me move forward as I enter the next stage in my career. 

Where will the money go?

As a young designer who has completed multiple unpaid internships, any donations would help support the success of my collection. Any funding will help go to sourcing materials for my collection, required entry payment for our end of year show (£100), photoshoot, and printing for promotional package.

Here is a rough outline of my budget:

- Materials: £230

- End of year show: £100

-Photoshoot: £100 (catering, transport, models).

-Promotional package (approx. 4 copies): £50

- Rewards to my donors: £20

With any leftover money from funding I would like to work on creating a website for my work. 


  • As a thank you to any donors I would like to send  a print of my designs to show my appreciation. I will also credit contributions in my lookbook. 


Thank you taking the time to read and for any donations! 

Prudence Brokenbrow