Kingston Product & Furniture Show 2017

A project by: Karsan Haval


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Help us exhibit among the industry giants of the design world during London Design Festival!

Kingston Product & Furniture Design BA External Show

We need you, to help us, make something amazing...


We are a group of creative students from Kingston University studying Product & Furniture Design BA class of 2017.


We’re fundraising so that we can put on an external Product & Furniture Design graduate show during London Design Festival! We are really pushing ourselves to put on the best event possible. As an up and coming group of young designers, we would love the opportunity to demonstrate all we’ve learned over our three years. We need your help to make it a showstopper.


London Design Festival - exact location to be confirmed (watch this space).


16th-24th September 2017. We’re aiming to find a venue to host us for the whole duration of the festival.


We want to exhibit during London Design Festival (LDF) in September. Showcasing our work would mean being a part of one of the largest design events of the year, an exciting and amazing opportunity for us soon to be graduates!

This also means we need to raise more funds than ever before to get hold of the perfect venue, making a publication and the other logistics that go behind building an event such as transport and venue commodities. This is our opportunity to let everyone know what we are capable of doing, so every contribution to fulfilling our goal is greatly appreciated. Open to the public between the date shown above, we hope to see you there!

How we will use your funding

Venue: Being a part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle during LDF means, during this period venues are demanding a premium price! This is how the majority of the funding we are seeking will be spent. We want to get a venue that best represents us and our work.

Publication: Another important aspect to being a part of the LDF will be producing a publication to showcase our work. The publication is an important element to the success and recognition of our show, it will mean the difference between a simple show and a grand event. The publication is also critical because it will contain important details regarding our work and how to contact us.

Other: Additional costs will include transportation logistics and material costs for the set up of displays, as well as the cost for the handmade rewards that we will be making for you, our sponsors.

Find us here

Instagram: @kingstonproductfurniture2017

Help us succeed!

If you can’t donate we will love you anyway but please share if you can with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. In fact, share it with everyone you know, the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.