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This project received pledges on Tue 28 May 2019
An exploration into the world of Journalism through the eyes of a family member.

A short summary 

Print (working title) is a documentary exploring the career of journalist, Mike Ridley. With 40 years’ experience in journalism, radio presenting and PR, Mike has amassed a huge collection of stories and anecdotes which will be explored in this film through humorous interviews. These interviews will be led by Luke Ridley, Mike’s son and the director of this film, giving it a unique personal perspective, as well as supplying us unprecedented access to the subject.

The film is a chance to tell Mike’s story, after decades of him telling other people’s stories. The film will make use of his personal archive, including a box that has been filled with clippings of his work from throughout his career. This box currently sits in a dusty shed, untouched for many years, and the film will also touch on the relationship between Mike and his work, and how he feels about his career in the past and present.


We are a group of six final year BA filmmaking students, with this film being the culmination of everything we have learnt on the course.

Luke Ridley is directing the film, having directed and worked on several documentaries over the last few years. He has become a skilled director, with a particular interest in essay filmmaking and editing. As Mike’s son, he will be able to bring a personal insight to the film, whilst providing unique access with the subject, archives, and film locations (such as The Sun offices).

Rebecca Humphreys-Lamford is producing the film. This will be her first time working in the role, but she has developed many skills on her course when art directing, sound design and editing which she is bringing to the role. Her strong organisation and communication skills will ensure the film is progressing, and she looks forward to working with the group.

Kain Behan is the director of photography. On the course he has further developed his interest behind the camera and has become experienced using several forms of filmmaking. Kain looks forward to working on documentary and developing his skills in colour grading.

Sarah Linares is providing art direction for the film. Having worked as art director on several projects, she has become skilled and nuanced in her craft, bringing a subtlety onscreen. Sarah will be bringing to life a shed space for the recounting of the stories and sourcing realistic props 

Ellie Skelton will be sound designing the film. After art directing several films, she is excited to bring her skills to a different role and is keen to bring creativity to it. She already has lots of ideas and want to work on this film as soon as possible.

Joe Brennan will be editing the film, having become a proficient editor over the last years. He had focused on editing throughout his time at university, working on many visual pieces covering a range of styles. He is now excited to edit a documentary, and develop skills in a new form of filmmaking.

Kieran Ellis will be composing for the film. He is an undergraduate in his final year of university at the Academy of Contemporary Music. He is currently studying the guitar degree at the ACM and is an aspiring composer for film.

Where will the money go?

  • Travel - £300
  • Equipment - £70
  • Food - £50
  • Music - £250 
  • Art Department - £80
  • Festival Submission Costs - £150 (This cost is not part of our minimum target, any money we raise above the minimum will go towards festival submission costs.)


  • £10 Donation: For every £10 donation or more we will provide an exclusive Vimeo link to the completed film before public access.   

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