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This project received pledges on Sat 31 Mar 2018
Two young outcasts in a small village meet, fall in love, and discover they're made out of fruit.

Passion Fruit is a proposed graduate film about a young pair of outcasts in a Welsh town who discover they are both made of fruit. We are proposing raising £500 to pay for talented actors to tell our story and to cover the cost of shooting a complicated film including special effects and locations. With £500 we would be capable of completing this and with more we could embellish and improve on it.

Who we are?

We are a final year undergraduate group of filmmakers embarking on our last university project. We have a crew of 9 students, helmed by director Jack Jones and producer Lina Rimkeviciute, and other regular collaborators. We have a motivated and talented group with high aspirations for this project.

Our story

The film tells the very human story of how relationships can begin, grow and fail, explored through the use of a surreal concept. By creating a world where the characters are made out of fruit, we hope to express our core themes in a way which is both dark and humorous, as we see them literally consume each other, yum yum.

  • Making this film is important as it's our last project in university together, and we want to ensure we can produce a film that is memorable for an audience and for the crew involved. The concept is challenging and pushes us into new territories, and forces us to work to our full potentials. This is a story that director Jack has always wanted to tell and wants to see it actualised to it's full potential.
  • Creating a great short film is important to all of us, as it will reflect upon our university experience and be proof of ability going forward into professional environments. Furthermore, we want to ensure our final venture as classmates is a positive and life changing one. We intend to represent the university by attaching the film to several film festivals in the coming months.
  • As a donor, you can help us reach our goals and become a part of the process. We want to make this for our donors and hope that the ideas and concept resonate with contributors. By donating you help us further our ambitions.

Where will the money go?

  • By reaching our minimum we will be able to recuperate some of the costs that this film will bring about.
  • If we reach our full target, we will have a wider pool of professional actors to pull from, we can meet with professionals in special effects makeup for the production, we can ensure our first choice locations and therefore increase production value.
  • If we surpass our goal, we could begin looking at organising screenings following the film's completion, we could pay for local accommodation our shoot locations as a base of operations, and think about attaching some notable names to our cast. We could also cover entry to film festivals, including more expensive foreign festivals.
  • We could deliver updates once every fortnight.


  • All contributors will receive updates every two weeks and a link upon it's completion.
  • See the attached list of tiers, for rewards such as exclusive Polaroids from the set, props, and your name in the credits!


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Help us succeed!

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