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Night of The Living Pepperoni

A project by: Roland Kolozs

pledged of £2,500 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Fri 25 Jun 2021
A short film about a delivery guy at the end of his shift, but the beginning of a zombie outbreak

summary of the project

Night of The Living Pepperoni is a short horror-comedy on the misadventures of a pizza delivery guy who is at the very end of his shift, but at the very beginning of a zombie outbreak. While the world falls apart behind his back, our hero's only concern is finally being able to go home, as he seems to be completely ignorant to the fact that his chances for survival grow thinner with every address.

As the film is meant to be part of our dissertation project, it should be completed by the 2nd of September at the latest, and will be available online not long after that.

Who are we?

We are a team of postgraduate filmmaking students of Kingston University and are working on this project as our dissertation short-film.

our story

The focus of our story is an everyday worker who is forced to work in a time when the world seems to be ending. This is something many key workers from 2020 and 2021 can relate to, but the focus of the story and the main source of hilarity is to be the endless ignorance our hero and his surroundings show in a very serious time. He just wants to go home, they just want to get their pizza, seemingly no one giving a thought about the lurking danger, which is more and more obvious by the second.

The film's writer-director, Roland Kolozs, is a dedicated cinephile from Budapest with a passion for horror and comedy, and an inexhaustible interest in flawed human nature.

While filmmaking is a deeply personal calling for us, the reason we require your help is that we're only interested in making pieces that we truly believe are worthy of viewing for everybody. While the film focuses much more heavily on the comedic elements than the actual horror, we need the support of our future audience to make the threat and the atmosphere of Night of The Living Pepperoni believable.

Where will the money go?

Given the film's nature of going from door to door, Night of The Living Pepperoni will have an ensemble cast. While the settings will be relatively simple, we will need to travel between locations quite often. The main budgetary concern will, of course, be the zombies, as even their limited presence in the film will require costly makeup effects on various extras, consuming the majority of the budget.If we manage to reach our target, we could confidently do the film how it was envisioned. The £2500 would be spent as the following:

£800 on the realistic makeup of 7-9 zombies

£200 for a high amount of fake blood and minced meat

£300 for a van for the 6 day production

£450 for the ideal locations and props

£200 for 2 of our self-designed delivery costumes

£400 for a minimal fee for our ensemble cast of supporting actors

£150 for food and support for the entire cast and crew for the  6 day production

Should we go above target, we could spend the extra funds on more believable effects and richer variety locations, extra equipment, and props, ensuring some truly chilling scenery.

Either way, we promise to give you the horror-comedy experience of the summer.

Find us here

Follow our Facebook Page here to see the latest updates on the fund-raising, production, and of course, the film itself. 

Help us succeed!

The project needs your help in every possible way, so if you're not in a position to donate, please give us a share on any social media platform or filmmaking/fundraising group where it could reach other people.