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Motel Room (WT)

A project by: Mia Mormont



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3rd Year Short Horror Film

L6: Motel (WT)

Hello, and welcome to our funding page. We are film students in our third year with the ambition to create a short horror movie with some interesting plots. After figuring out the law of the law we are raising money to have create with Set Design, location and actors etc. the perfect scary Atmosphere. This project is our biggest so far and so everyone is super ambitious about it.

 Brief Summary

A weary flight attendant, stranded in a foreign city, seeks refuge in a stranger's home for the night. As night falls, he discovers the host's eerie nocturnal secret, leading to a harrowing struggle for survival that unravels a nightmarish reality with a chilling twist.


In the labyrinthine streets of an unfamiliar city, Luke, a jet-lagged and disoriented flight attendant, finds himself caught in a surreal web of events. Desperation sets in as he futilely navigates the confusing alleys in search of his hotel, only to be thwarted by the sudden demise of his phone battery. With no other options, he approaches a seemingly welcoming home to ask for directions. The owner, a mysterious figure with an air of peculiarity, initially agrees to provide guidance but changes course, offering Luke refuge for the night instead. The decision stems from the impracticality of reaching the distant hotel in the dead of night. As the evening unfolds, a disconcerting atmosphere settles in during an awkward dinner conversation. The tension peaks when, preparing for sleep, Luke discovers the homeowner silently sitting in the darkened living room. An uneasy feeling creeps over him, amplified by the distant sounds of banging, screams, and strange, animalistic clicks. Attempting to investigate, Luke realises he is trapped as the door jams, and his phone, his lifeline, proves useless due to a faulty socket.

The night takes a nightmarish turn when he finally manages to open the door, only to witness a ghastly figure scuttling away from the flashlight's beam. The source of the sounds and the homeowner's fate become gruesomely clear when Luke discovers her in the corner, sporting an unnerving expression and blood-drenched mouth. A harrowing struggle ensues, leaving Luke's fate hanging in the balance. Morning arrives with a knock on the door, but instead of relief, it introduces another lost soul seeking directions. The disquieting twist emerges as Luke, now seemingly changed, greets the newcomer with a chilling grin, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, questioning the thin veil between reality and the otherworldly horrors that unfolded in the night.

Planned Budget

250 pounds Location

100 pounds Transportation for Actors

125 pounds  Actors

50 pounds Food

150 pounds Set Design

25 pounds Backup

We are happy and glad about everyone who is helping us make this project successful. And to say thank you, we want to mention you in the special thanks section in our movie credits.