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A project by: Yuanhanqing Cai

pledged of £2,000 target

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Completion Date: Mon 15 Aug 2022
This is a drama fiction film about the self salvation of a young mother who lost her son


We are raising money for shooting a 10 minutes short fiction graduation/thesis film for the MA Filmmaking course.


This film is adapted from a real story in Kingston. The plot follows a mother who, never recovered after her child was killed. Her life is full of remorse, anger, frustration and self blame. She struggled between memory and reality time, day after day, pushing everyone away from her life. 

But how can life continue?

Who are we?

I'm HAN, the director and writer of this film! I studied a BA in film and television production in Teesside university and now I'm completing my MA in Filmmaking here at Kingston University. I also work as a DOP with a focus on Commercial advertising and film shooting. Film is a very important part of my life. It is also my dream to become a real filmmaker. I will carry on with my passion for film.

But I'm not making this film alone! I'm lucky to have other talented filmmakers and classmates joining me as my crew.We have Jiatong Zhao as director, Mingtian Zhang and Kenny and Bhavi as cinematographer, Jinxing Zhang as sound recordist, Yudong Luo as camera assistant, Yuanhanqing Cai as editor, Yuan as music composer.

Together we make up a very international and cultural diverse crew, which it's very exciting!


In the 8 months since I moved, through the window I have

seen a mother praying for her son countless times. Sadness,

despair, strength, regret, I saw different emotions on her

face. So genuine, it resonated so much with my heart. I want

to record it as my graduation assignment and I will also

take this film to some film festivals in the hope that more

people can see it.

A young mother trapped in her own memories, she was unable to

accept the sudden death of her child, yet she regularly

visited the site of her child's accident. Her husband tried

to help her. They recalled the scene together, they comb

through what they have done and what they really think, and

look for the real reason why their children have gone

through such changes. Finally, they really feel that the

children they remember today are forever cut off from


Where will the money go?

• The money you invest will be optimally used to cover production costs (e.g. Crew's travel expenses, equipment procurement, etc.) and entry fees for submitting the finished film to film festivals around the world. Once we hit our target amount we can immediately start the process of filming and supporting our protagonist in whatsoever way possible as we are still in the research phase of the film.

  • Transportation expenses: £400
  • Venue hire (photo studio for 2 days): £600
  • Food expenses: £300
  • Payment for Actors: £400
  • Props and Costume: £300


  • No matter the amount you donate, you will be credited in our film.
  • If you donate more than £40, you’ll get a postcard with one of our film stills with a personal message from us at the back.

Find us here

You can find us on Instagram @mama_said_1. We will regularly update our shooting and post production progress when we start the shooting.

Help us succeed!

  • Help a struggling art student with big dreams!
  • Don’t hesitate to donate any amount you can, every and each donation is very important to us!
  • Please share this project with anyone you think might be interested! We appreciate any kind of help, the more people it reaches out to, the more likely we can get to our goal! Please tell your friends and grandparents so we can make it
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