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MA Art & Space Degree Show 2019

Our Project



On the agenda of the show “Co-Ordinates” the word LONGITUDE is written in capital letters. Originating to 96% from Asian subcontinent, the artists are exploring the cultural landscape along the Greenwich meridian with Columbian inquisitiveness and determination. 

It is an exciting process of the intercultural matching of thoughts, practices and approaches that will culminate in this MA Art & Space degree show. The group set out to create a productive hybrid space, a space of experiment and construction site at once. A wide range of traditional and innovative artistic disciplines found their way to the exhibition venue, from painting to Indian dance, from Chinese calligraphy to digital art.  

The show provides a platform for the interaction with the local and professional community in the form of planned workshops and artist talks. 

Event series:

For the event series “Longitude in question” we‘ve created a program addressing burning political and theoretical issues with an academical coolness of the mind and an artistic non-conformism of the heart. We selected an exciting array of theoreticians and practitioners with strongest knowledge in the areas relevant for our show. They’ll be able to enrich a professional insight of the audience by focusing on different aspects of postcolonial theory and the tension on the fine art and design boarders. The background of the speakers will allow them to highlight a specifically Asian aspects of the theories and practices in question. This part is directed onto professional community, including art and design students, practitioners and staff at Kingston University and beyond.

We want to demonstrate that an Art School isn't an academic ivory tower but a part of the local Kingston community. We'll invite the public to attend our workshops. The mysteries surrounding Chinese calligraphy will be probed, discovered and reinvented by the public instructed by knowledgeable practitioners and members of our MA cohort. 

Who we are?

We're MA Art & Space, a postgraduate group of international students at Kingston University.

Our versatile and multicultural group has roots in all parts of the globe. We enjoy diversity in all imaginable forms and manifestations. Professionally we come from design and fine art backgrounds and are permanently experimenting with the boundary between these disciplines. We even invented our own "job descriptions" for ourselves.

We're not simply artists or students, we're bridge makers, the architects of a very unique kind. instead of building houses, we bridge the continents and different professional backgrounds. We unleash the imagination and invite you to an exciting journeys. So, fasten your seatbelts and discover we have prepared for you!

Where will the money go?

Posters: 136 GBP

Flyers: 46 GBP

Catalogue: 314 GBP

Contingency for printing: 18 GBP

Bar: 152 GBP

Visiting speakers: 500 GBP

Workshops: 178 GBP

Lighting: 100 GBP



  • Reward for 10 GBP donation: invitation to the private view
  • Reward for 50 GBP donation: invitation to the private view and a mention on the Website and on the social media 
  • Reward for more than 50 GBP: invitation to the private view, mention on the website, on the social media and an individually designed bag

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