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Final Collection

A project by: Joshua Lockwood


WE RAISED £1,000

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This project received pledges on Wed 15 Apr 2020
An exploration into the wardrobes of the iconic women in Mick Jaggers life.

Who are you?

I am a final year fashion student with previous internships at Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Saint Laurent. I am hoping to raise £1000 to cover the costs of materials and equipment needed for the production of six looks for my final collection. Which due to the current health crisis causing university to close the specialist workshop facilities, this must be completed at home in my bedroom. 

Your story

Setting out with the intention to make people say, 'everybody wants to be her' my work primarily focuses on the woman, or more rather the idea of ‘the woman I want to be.'  Central to my vision is this simple sense of playful narrative and nostalgia, a throwback through the decades reveals many of the style icons that I reference for my design practice. This way of researching, hunting for an iconic form of celebrity from the past, speaks to a form of escapism from the troubling climate we currently live in, with a focus to translate this into an image for the modern woman. Exploring clothes in this way balances my keen and analytical interest in the technical aspects of garment construction and tailoring with the depth of my visual research and references. Making for an uncompromising approach to design for these uncertain times.

The concept for my collection is 'the girlfriends of Mick Jagger,' exploring the wardrobes of the iconic women in his life. With elements of each look channelling the aesthetic of each 'it' girl. Borrowing a classic menswear sensibility for cut and construction as if Bianca herself had with nonchalant ease, thrown on one of Mick's stage jackets and gone about her day. It focuses on a romantic sublimated kind of effortless powerful dressing. With the rules of the garments and the details rooted in classic reference but with a contemporary, feminine and rebellious dress sense to break these rules.

Where will the money go?

The main aim of this fundraising is to aid with the manufacturing of my six looks to a professional standard. Here is a break down for that your donations will go towards:

    • Final Fabrics (Sourced from British mills and manufactures): £450
    • Trims (Shoulder pads, buttons, coat trims, trouser trims, pocketing): £150 
    • Industrial Sewing Machine: £400


I greatly appreciate any donations received for this project, there are a few rewards available to show my thanks for your contributions.

You can follow my instagram @lockwoodjoshua to keep updated on the progress of the project.