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Final collection

A project by: Lauren Seed



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This project received pledges on Wed 31 May 2023
sustainable fashion collection using natural eco-friendly materials

My project

I am hoping to raise £1000 to put towards my final collection to ensure I can use high quality environmentally friendly materials such as hemp and bamboo. This will solve the problem for me of materials that are typically used within the fashion industry being unsustainable. 

Who am i?

I am a student at Kingston University, making my first fashion collection. 

my story

Making a fashion collection that is sustainable is extremely important to me, with the current climate of the fashion industry, making ethical and environmentally friendly can make a difference. Funding this project will give me access to using high quality ethical materials. 

I want to make inclusive clothing that will make a positive impact in peoples lives.

Where will the money go?

The funding will go towards my material and trims sourcing, natural eco-friendly materials are expensive as there isn't exploitation of the environment or people involved in the production. 

The money will also go towards funding the models and photographer for my final photoshoot as they also need to be paid for their time. 

Per metre of fabric is around £26 

per 100g of yarn is around £14

Production cost is around £3000 in total.


I would love to credit you if you financially support my final collection, it would be much appreciated and put to good use. 

Find us here

INSTAGRAM : lozdesigns_ 

Regular updates and information about my collection can be found on this page.

Help me succeed!

Please share my project and I'm happy to hear any of your ideas