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KURE 2024 Project Sponsorship

What is kure?

Kingston University Rocket Engineering (KURE) is a student-led society made up of astronautics engineering students that are involved in developing rocket systems at Kingston University. It was founded to support students in excelling at aerospace engineering by providing practical skills and experience valued in industry through tutorials, workshops and competitions.

We are currently developing the most powerful entirely 3D printed bi-propellant rocket engine in the UK – Kingfisher – and that will make us the 3rd UK university team make an engine of this type.


KURE is taking part in two major competitions this year: Mach-24 up in Machrihanish, Scotland and Race to Space at Westcott, Buckinghamshire. 

Mach-24 is a yearly rocketry competition where university teams design, build and fly a rocket at heights of up to 3500 metres. Last year, we managed to break the sound barrier as our rocket “Basilisk” went supersonic , and in 2022 we won the combined first place with both our payload and rocket “Axiom”!

Race to Space is an initiative to boost the UK space sector by encouraging students to develop rocket technologies in the UK and launch a rocket into space. Last year – in a world’s first – we demonstrated Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT) on a hybrid rocket engine which allowed us to “see” inside it to analyse its performance.

Rocketry is expensive, and so are these competitions! Kingston University provides us with funding for the costs of materials, manufacturing and testing – but we also need to cover costs of travel, food and accommodation for our teams. For this we ask your support.

Where will your donations go?

Funds raised will go towards both competitions. The current lists of expenses are as follows:


    Team vehicle rental costs - £1000

    Vehicle fuel costs - £400

    Team food and sustenance (5 days) - £400

    Team uniforms - £200

Race to Space:

    Team accommodation - £800

    Team uniforms - £200

Please note these costs are only approximate and are subject to change. Any leftover funds will go towards spare parts, additional test firings and equipment, and future projects. We have already raised £500 towards the project. 


To show our gratitude to your donations, we are offering some rewards to individuals based on the size of donation.

Bronze - £5    

3D-printed Rocket Keychain

Silver - £20

    Kingfisher mission patch

Gold - £50

    3D-printed model of Kingfisher with information stand

Platinum - £100

    KURE Hoodie

Diamond - £150

    Life size 1:1 3D printed scale model of Kingfisher rocket engine (apple for scale)

Please note that the final reward designs are subject to change and the images are shown as a guide.

Note: International shipping costs may apply.

Thank you for your support!