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Additional funding for the Mach 22 Competition

our project

We are trying to raise additional money for the Mach-22 competition this year, in particular for components coming across the pond and for support in getting the team up to Scotland for the launch. 

Who we are?

We are Kingston University Rocket Engineering. Our goal is to put practical back into Engineering and give students the opportunity to get hands on experience through competitions and projects.  The Mach 22 Team consists of 12 Students from all Levels of Study and Astro and Computer Science courses.

our story

Mach 22 is a large UK wide competition for students to build rockets and CanSats. Last year our CanSat Team won "Most Ambitious Reward" and this year we intend to take home more prizes in the rocket and CanSat Category. 

We need your support in this project to be able to fulfil our dreams to build an award winning CanSat and Rocket and take home as many prizes as we can at the competition. 

Where will the money go?

  • Hardware for rocket & CanSat £200
  • Support for travel to get the Team up to Scotland for the Launch day. £600
  • Reserve budget for rocket and CanSat in case something breaks last minute. £200 
  • Any residual money will be used to accelerate research for future Mach competitions which may involve hybrid rocket engines and propulsive landing capability!!


  • We've got some amazing rewards to you including a bunch of branded Merchandise like T-Shirts, Sweaters and Keyrings.
  • If you are feeling really generous you can get an honour mention on our website and there is a possibility for even more rewards (such as getting your own sticker on the rocket or a tour around our rocket lab) if you are feeling extra indulgent. 

Find us here

Check our our website and Social Media: 




Help us succeed!

  • Please share this where ever you can!
  • You do not need to donate money to support us. We are always looking for technical support or materials! If you would prefer to donate materials (even something simple as Sandpaper, Epoxy, or similar) please get in touch!
  • if you would be willing to provide services instead of such as machining, welding or similar instead of money please get in touch as well! Even if it may not be useful for this project, we have many other projects that are always looking for support!