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Kieran Roderick Graduate Collection


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This project received pledges on Mon 29 May 2023
Fundraiser for Kieran Roderick SS23 Graduate Collection.

My project

My graduate final collection is influenced by 1970s sculpture that is reflective of the uncertainty the 2020s pose, through cost crisis’s and inflation, the collection focuses on disturbance as well as a desire for security and softness. The collection focuses on drape, tailoring and denim. My collection plays with silhouette and shape, whilst adhering to womenswear ready-to-wear. It allows for colour that is controlled through the balance of black and white. Fabrication is deeply explored through draping of chiffon on silk, lycra, denim, wool suiting, cashmere, and more that allow for luxury in a collection that focuses on uncertainty. 

Who am I?

I am a 23 year old welsh womenswear design student. To complete the collection I will also collaborating with photographers, creatives, make up artists to complete my final collection photoshoots of which is two shoots - location and studio. 

My story

My name is Kieran Roderick, I am a final-year womenswear fashion design student at Kingston School of Art.

During my placement year, I had the greatest opportunities to broaden my perspectives on womenswear design by interning within design teams at three respected and large high end luxury fashion houses, Heliot Emil, Victoria Beckham and then Roksanda. Furthering my experience with fabric, design, pattern cutting, drape and enveloping myself within womenswear, I was able to return to the Kingston Fashion BA with a whole new perspective on design that  allowed me to work on a collection that maintains maturity and high end design.

The collection itself is incredibly important to me as its my first chance to showcase to the fashion industry what I have spent the last nine months working on, the final shoots will capture every look in the collection and also allow employers to see in detail what my clothing looks like and how every piece links together. 

Where will the money go?

If I raise the funds, I will put them towards my final collection photoshoot expenses, a photoshoot should be to high end quality and showcase to the professional industry exactly who you are as a designer and what your clothes look like. Therefore to do this I have had to hire out a team, venues and equipment that is spread across two days of photoshoots. One a location shoot in Southbank, and another in a studio in Hackney Wick. 

The first day of shooting consists of 1 photographer, 1 MUA, 1 model, 3 assistants and myself. The second consists again of 1 photographer, 1 photographer assistant, 1 MUA, 2 models, 2 assistants and myself. I am covering all the costs by myself and this will help me fund the shoot expenses. 

I think this should be important to donors as young London creatives have been incredibly impacted by cost of living crisis and covid-19 pandemic. Studios are extremely expensive and model and photographer fees are incredibly high to match the competitive market that cost of living has increased.

Day 1: Location Shoot

Photographer: £80

Model: £40

Make Up: £30

Lunch + Drinks: £80 (lunch covered for all 7 team members).

Day 2: Studio Shoot

Studio Hire: £260

Photographer Hire: £250

Film Costs for camera: £140

Film Development Costs: £120 

Model hire: £100

Make up: £70 

Lunch: £80 (Lunch covered for all 7 team members)


  • If I reach over the planned amount, I plan on gifting 1 person from whom donating a silk and chiffon mini skirt from look 6 of my collection in a raffle. 

Find us here

To see more from my collection and profession, please find my instagram and linkdIn below. 



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Kieran X