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Graduate Collection- Human Evolution

A project by: Malcolm Solomon

pledged of £1,700 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Tue 03 Jan 2023
Fashion Collection based on Human Evolution

My project

I'm raising money to complete my final major project which will be used towards paying for all the materials and machines required to proceed with my collection. My graduate collection investigates the different cultural significant points throughout human evolution. Starting from the scientific lens, the story of human evolution will be represented and then expounded upon parallel through the religious side. I will delve into the most prominent stories, from Adam and Eve, to where I see the future going for the whole of humanity within a fashion perspective. 

Who am i?

Malcolm Solomon, a multidisciplinary artist that works mainly in the field of Fashion Design. I have been creating works of art in the form of sculpture, painting and graffiti. 

My story

With this collection I'm aiming to produce garments around cross-stories throughout humanity that have been at the core of our being in Biblical texts; story of Adam and Eve. Looking into the past, I will project a new lens for individuals to see these stories through the connection to the human body, nature, reality and our sense of collective reality. 

Where will the money go?

All funds will be used to aid in the design and finalisation of my collection. The procedure is costly and time-consuming. It would be extremely beneficial for me to recover some of it so that I can consider starting my own brand.

Breakdown of costs:
  • Fabrics & Trimmings = £700
  • Sewing Machine & Overlocker = £688.84
  • Models & Photography = £340


    I will personally thank the donors by sending out a coupon code for my products once the webpage is set up.

    Images and video

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