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Graduation Film

A project by: Henrietta Campbell



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This project received pledges on Thu 15 Apr 2021
A short poetic documentary about how things change depending on the weather.

A short summary of your project

I am raising £175 to fund my graduation film which is the final project I am working on during my time left at Kingston School of Art. My film is a poetic documentary about how things change during different weather conditions, for example when the sky is clouded over, the reflection on water becomes clear. I will be using a variety of shot types to capture unplanned moments during all types of weather. I am working independently on the film itself but I hope to collaborate with a professional composer.

Who are you?

Name: Hen Campbell

Age: 20

I am currently in my third and final year at Kingston School of Art studying Film Making. 

Your story

What am I doing?

I am creating a short poetic documentary film about how things change depending on weather. I got the idea for this film during a conversation about how gardens look in each season. This lead me to think about how everyday, the weather changes and it has a big effect on how we see the world around us. Weather can even control our emotions. 

Why am I doing this?

Poetic documentary has always been an area of film I have never fully explored. Though I have worked on other modes of documentary in the past such as: observational, interview based and archive. Poetic documentary is more experimental than the other modes of documentary. It doesn't follow the standard linear narrative and tends to be rhythmic. 

Why is this important to you? 

This film is important to me as it is the final project I will be working on. It is the final opportunity for me to combine everything I have learnt in the last three years.  

Where will the money go?

I am hoping to collaborate with a professional composer to enhance my film overall. This is something I haven't experienced while at university. I think it would be a great opportunity to expand my skills with working with professionals and also my skills as a director. 

The money donated will go towards the paying the composer for his professional skill.


- Any person who donates will be credited in the film.

- Any person who donates over £10 will be gifted a pack of six postcards depicting stills from my film. 

Find Me here

To see work I have made previously in and outside of university please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu0iF8XbBh6ajgi9YpS-PcA 

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