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Georgie Leeke's Graduate Collection

A project by: Georgie Leeke


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This project received pledges on Tue 23 May 2023
No More Snow?

MY project

I am raising money to assist me with my graduate collection photoshoot which is an expensive part of my degree. Doing a photoshoot allows me to capture all my hard work in a professional manner. This gives me the opportunity to end my final year with a successful look book that I can use to start my career in the industry. 

MY story

My graduate collection stems from photos of my parents skiing in the 1980s with their friends. Creating fluid yet angular shapes through my pattern cutting, to mimic the ski slopes and tracks. Playing with block colouring as seen in ski wear and 1980s fashion. Aligning these sporty elements with high fashion finishing. 

I wanted to create a collection inspired by ski wear that might be seen in a future where skiing is an activity of the past due to global warming.

My collection is a love letter to my mum who is no longer with us. I wanted to honour her love of colour and 'tomboy' nature.

By donating you will help me achieve the final step in my degree.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards my graduate collection photoshoot. 

  • 2 models - £432
  • photographer - £290
  • make up artist - £150
  • studio - £60
  • food, drink & transport on shoot - £100


  • Anyone who sponsors £80 or more towards my project will receive a physical look book.


@gleekedesign on instagram!