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528Hz: Experimental Film

A project by: Innes Evans



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This project received pledges on Sat 28 Apr 2018
An experimental film based around one individuals experiences within three sound-art installations.

A short summary of our project

528Hz is an experimental film that at its core is based around three sound art installations that each revolve around an actor’s experiences inhabiting said installations. Within the films narrative, footage of these three installations are each succeeded by short externally shot sequences comprised of abstract and often chaotic imagery relating to the subjective internal audio/visual experiences of the inhabiting actor. The installations are built around complete immersion within an enclosed space filled with frequency and its subsequent effect on the human mind. A score of experimental music including drone, ambient and noise will be used to score the films three respective segments.

Who are we

Innes Evans & Joe Lazenby

We are two filmmakers working in collaboration to bring this project to fruition. We will both be working within all roles of the films development, prompting a constant discussion of the films ideas and their successive employment. We feel that working through this approach will help establish a concise aesthetic and well realised direction for completed project.

Our story

The fundamental idea of the project came to fruition through a natural interest in ambient, minimal and structurally alternative genres of music. The effect of these genres on human consciousness and emotion we feel is considerably unexplored and underrepresented within visual mediums such as film. Having both previous interest and experience in working with experimental film and music, we’re very motivated and feel sufficiently prepared to undertake the task of constructing and capturing the set of installations and interconnected visuals that we’re in the process of designing.

Where will the money go?

We aim to raise £500 to fund the assorted props, sound equipment and travel fees that we feel necessary to construct our ideal production’s visually bold and ambitious spaces.

Where will the money go if we hit our target?

Breakdown of funds:

Set design: £400

Equipment hire: £300

Travel fees: £200

Actor fee: £100

Launch event fees: £100

What will we do with extra funds if things really take off and we raise more than our target?

Our current target allows us to completely achieve our current aspirations, however if we raise more than our target we will be able to further develop and strengthen the design of our installations. It will also give us the potential to shoot over a wider range of locations and afford larger fees to rent and experiment with more modern video and sound technology.

How often will we give updates on progress when we're running our project or campaign?

We will provide bi-weekly updates via email to our backers for every major step of the films development, this will include links to audio/video influences, pre-production screen tests, on-set photographs, post-production stills and any further content detailing our filmmaking process.


Any donation is appreciated and we have a range of exciting rewards for each corresponding tier!


Here's a test we underwent in the early stages of preproduction experimenting with having visuals react and change to audio input.

Here are some examples of our previous work, these showcase similar aesthetics, cinematography and filmmaking technique that we aim to apply to this project.

Help us succeed!

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