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A project by: rebecca whiteing



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I will be holding my event at The Feminist Library to share research of women in the type trade

I'm raising £250 to hold CIRCA's Happening  #01 at Peckham's Feminist Library mid-May.

This project was formed out of my final university project, with its brief centering around publicising my dissertation, written November-April 2024. With its focus on female representation within the typography scene and the impact of capitalism, I intend to develop a platform to promote and vocalise marginalised voices in this field of graphic design. With the help of my tutors at Kingston School of Art and speaking to peers I was able to create a visual identity for a publishing platform and a reading group. The first event will take place at Peckham's Feminist Library, with 20 tickets sold, including peers, my tutors and friends from the local community of East London. Alongside this, ex-pupils from Kingston University will also be attending who are now working in a similar field of my interest. I look forward to seeing this in context and the future Circa holds. 

WHat is circa?

Circa is a hybrid between a publishing platform and a reading group. Circa’s aim is to disseminate research and amplify voices of women’s presence within the typographic trade. I intend to create a space to bring people together, depatriachise design and reveal hidden, messy histories, whilst instigating discussions and social transformation. Happening #01 will focus on activating their dissertation through a talk, readings, and exhibiting archives.

Where will the money go?

 If I am able to reach my target, this will help in supporting my university project being put into existence. 

I will use the money for:

  • £200 for the space hire
  • £40 paper from GF Smith, used in the folders handed out at the event
  • £10 printing in Univeristy for additional caption cards and further readings

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