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A project by: Ellen Causer



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This project received pledges on Sat 06 May 2023
Graduate Fashion Collection

My project

I am raising money for my Graduate Fashion Collection final look-book photoshoot, which over the past year I have been working on, developing and creating my final major collection. While the majority of construction is nearing its end my photoshoot for my look book is what is up and coming.

My story

My project is inspired by my childhood love of Dinosaurs, looking at what could be seen as a 'novelty' theme in a new way I have taken the interesting structures, forms and textures of dinosaurs to create a varied print and texture focused collection. Each piece is routed in traditional menswear with classic shapes and silhouette, resulting in wearable and functional yet creative menswear.

By donating this money you will be able to help me capture this collection to its true potential, being able to promote the work that has gone behind the collection through the final imagery is really important to me. Through you donations you'll be able to help fund this final step in my project.

Where will the money go?

  • The money will be spent on my look book photoshoot, covering production, model and photographer costs
  • With the extra funds raised I will be able to cover further costs within my collection that made it happen including fabrications and accessories

Breakdown of costs

  • Model fees - £388
  • Photographer - £250 
  • Travel Fees - £18
  • Food on the day - £50
  • Styling Equipment/fabrication - £168

Find ME here

@e.cause.r on instagram for collection updates!

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