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A project by: Shoug AlAhmed



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This project received pledges on Sat 04 Jan 2020
Uniting a community through food, leaving differences aside while you enjoy a meal.

What is devoured?

I am raising money to be able to print and display my project during our final show at the Stanley Picker Gallery. Devoured brings together the idea of unity and community through food, a concept I personally grew up with. A tradition of leaving all your differences aside when you're at the dinner table and simply enjoying each others company. 

Who am i?

I am a photographer born and raised in Kuwait. Having done photography in a more commercial setting, I came to Kingston University to pursue a deeper understanding of how photography is more than just a click of a button or another photo on a billboard, and why photos are displayed they are.  

My story

Not many photographers go to an art school and end up doing a project around food. That's why this is different. It may seem universal, but it is also personal. I grew up visiting extended family on a weekly basis where we would all sit down to have a meal together. As I grew older, we did this with friends as well. A set day, every week, where we all come together and leave our differences at home! It creates a strong bond and a strong community, and its something I miss strongly about Kuwait. 

Where will the money go?

  • My money will be spent mainly on printing, this will include post-cards and prints to hang on the wall. As well as a backdrop to go behind my wall prints. 
  • Printing postcards as handouts during the show, this will be an interactive publication that people can take with them to hopefully invite someone to a meal.
  • Any extra funding will go to the rest of the Photography MA group either for their work or for the final show itself. 


  • Wall prints = £350
  • Postcards = £200


  • A few rewards are available depending on the amounts donated. Anything is appreciated. 

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  • If you cannot donate, then please spread the message. Any little will be great help and extremely appreciated!