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The Darkroom - BA Filmmaking Short Film

A project by: Dylan Friese-Greene



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This project received pledges on Sat 09 Nov 2019
A short LGBT film exploring repressed desires

A short summary 

We are raising £300 to fund the production of our short fiction film, The Darkroom. The film aims to explore the universal conflict between repression and desire, specifically though the eyes of a Christian girl coming to terms with her latent homosexuality while alone with her classmate in her college photography darkroom. 

One third of lesbian, gay and bi people of faith in the UK aren’t open with anyone in their community about their sexual orientation (Stonewall 2019). Naturally, if you are taught to believe that a part of you is sinful and wrong, you will repress it by any means necessary. This story thus rings true, not only for those who have ever had to fight their own feelings on account of what they’re taught is acceptable, but for anyone who keeps a part of them behind a closed door - for anyone with a darkroom in their head.


We are a team of 3rd Year BA Filmmaking students. 

  • Director - Dylan Friese-Greene
  • Writer - PJ Gray
  • Producer - Lauren Diprose 
  • Assistant Director - Liv Burge
  • Director of Photographer - Kieran Falzon 
  • 1st AC/Gaffer - Nina Gubatan 
  • Art Director - Krystal Guan
  • Sound Recordist/Designer - Daniel Hughes-Hawkins
  • Editor - Emily Rose


The Opportunities Fund offered by Kingston University means that all donations will be matched. A £10 donation will become £20!

Should we be lucky enough to get the funding for this film, we will use it for:

  • Location Hire - £100 approx.
  • Art Department - £50 approx.
  • Actors - £100 
  • Transport/catering expenses - £50

Any extra funding will go towards the actors for giving us their time and efforts.


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Make sure you're following Dylan's Facebook page for updates on the success of the campaign as well as the film in production. 

Help us succeed!

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  • We'd love to make this film this best it can possibly be. Please help us make it happen!

Image by Aubrey Simpson